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Below are the four courses required for the Healthcare Administration Certificate.

Recommended Prerequisite Course (3 units)

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a broad and comprehensive understanding of the unique language of medical terminology with strong encouragement to view the creation of human anatomy and physiology with a biblical and Christian mindset. Common terms used for the human body’s systems including their word parts, spelling, and use will be taught. This will provide the student with the essential working knowledge to interpret medical notes and carry on an informed conversation with healthcare providers, whether for the purpose of helping a client, a patient, the student themselves or their family. A solid foundation will be provided for students who want to pursue a career in health and medical related fields, such as nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

Courses (12 units)

This course identifies the challenging and overarching issues surrounding Heath Care Administration. It examines the broad functions, operations and tools of the field and emphasizes the need for excellence in the management of health services. This course will assist students as they prepare for health services management careers and provides an ongoing program of professional development for those already employed in health professions.

This course focuses on current issues and trends in healthcare. It discusses legal, government, technological and interdisciplinary ideas and requirements. This course presents an overview of the U.S. healthcare system, both past and present, coupled with an in-depth analysis of modern trends and those expected in the future.

This course introduces the student to the principles of computer technology and information systems related to health care with emphasis on computerized medical billing, health care data collection, storage, retrieval, security arrangement, presentation, and verification. This course will also discuss the components and requirements of the electronic health record, healthcare IT standards, health-related data structures and software applications in health care and public health sectors.

HCAD325: Healthcare Marketing
This course provides an overview and applications of health care marketing theories and methods for health care and public health organizations.

HCAD342: Healthcare Finance and Economics
This course discusses foundational principles of healthcare economics, third party reimbursement, developing budgets, variance and economic evaluation methods as well as other core healthcare finance and economic concepts. The administrator’s role in financial management, strategic planning and marketing, quality assurance and risk management initiative for health care organizations is explored.

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