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Healthcare Administration

Undergraduate Certificate

Today’s healthcare leaders need to lead their organizations and strategically drive initiatives that interact with multiple affiliated entities. Whether you are a senior healthcare leader looking to refine your skills or an early to intermediate healthcare professional aspiring to a leadership position, this certificate will prepare students for careers in various healthcare arenas. The Online Healthcare Administration (HCAD) certificate provides you with competence in a rapidly growing job sector and can be completed in a year or less.






The Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is designed to deliver students with practical training and specialized preparation for a variety of healthcare professional certifications, including; Certified Medical Manager (CMM). Students are introduced to a wide array of medical terminology, an understanding of the basics of managing medical staff, appraising patient outcomes, directing the operations of hospitals, understanding the dynamics of healthcare systems and other types of health service organizations. In addition, students will learn about the healthcare policies that will help serve individual patients better and improve healthcare outcomes. Students will acquire several skills, including organizational leadership, healthcare administration, operations, financial analysis, healthcare management, policy development, marketing, communications, and more.

Upon successful completion of this Certificate in Healthcare Administration, students will be able to:

  • Explain and compare the organizational elements, structure, performance, terminology, and delivery modalities for U.S. and global healthcare systems.
  • Analyze the structure and interdependence of healthcare system elements and issues using critical thinking to formulate innovative system designs that improve healthcare delivery.
  • Perform ongoing critical self-reflection from academic and work-based learning experiences, articulate the personal learning and growth that has resulted from those experiences, and integrate this into action plans for future professional growth, in support of the advancement of healthcare systems.
  • Evaluate policy and processes and execute decisions in compliance with the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations inherent in managing healthcare systems and organizations, with particular attention to information technology processes and structure and how these considerations impact all aspects of healthcare delivery.
  • Develop innovative solutions to strategic, tactical and operational issues in managing healthcare systems and associated information technology through the combined use of information, organizational knowledge, talent management and critical thinking.
  • Be prepare to sit for the CMM certification. Care and attention is focused on preparing students for this specific certification.
  • This Undergraduate Certificate involves 4 courses including one recommended prerequisite: BIOL109 | Medical Terminology.

  • Each course is designed and taught at an undergraduate level.

  • Taught by leading experts and professionals in the field, the Healthcare Administration program prepares students for a national certification.
  • This program prepares students for the CMM National Healthcare Management Certification.
  • Students may receive Credit for Prior Learning for one of the four courses if requisite experience is shown. Find more details about Credit for Prior Learning here.

All courses are 100% online and may be taken in any order. All courses last 7 weeks. 

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Scott Roberts, Ph.D.

Program Advisor

Caleb Smith

Program Advisor

Today’s healthcare leaders need to lead their organizations and strategically drive initiatives that interact with multiple
affiliated entities. With successful completion of the HCAD certificate, students achieve enhanced knowledge, skills, and professional recognition.


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