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AB 2943 – Contact the Governor

August 17, 2018

From the Desk of State Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga)

Pastors & Ministry Partners,

Yesterday [August 16, 2018], Senate Democrats passed AB 2943 by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-San Francisco).

AB 2943, as has been described in past alerts, would make it fraud to offer the option of paid counseling to adults questioning their sexuality. It sets a dangerous precedent and infringes on all Californians’ First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion. Read more on AB 2943 here.

The bill’s authors claim that AB 2943 will not impact the ability of churches or stores to sell books that advocate traditional views on sexuality. However, a letter issued by the Pacific Justice Institute in June refutes this view, with their chief counsel concluding that under the current version of the bill, “one remains liable for the sale of published literature” on the topic. In short, it could open churches up to lawsuits.

At this point in the process, we need to lobby the governor to veto AB 2943. Last year, conversations with his office resulted in the successful rejection of a bill that would have impacted churches’ hiring practices based on their religious beliefs. Calls and messages do make a difference.

To contact Governor Brown’s office, you can visit his website here.

I am grateful for your efforts throughout this process. We have had success with other issues this year, in no small part due to your work – and we will continue on. Thanks for your involvement.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Senator Mike Morrell
(909) 919-7731

“Day of Action” on the west steps of the California State Capitol on June 12

Hear WJU President, John Jackson, speak on topics related to the freedom of all Californians to live out their faith and pursue the counseling of their choice.

Learn More About the "Day of Action"

Statement on Supreme Court Masterpiece Bakery Decision from President John Jackson

“William Jessup University joins with many in being thankful for the recent 7-2 decision of the Supreme Court in the Masterpiece Cake case. We appreciate the careful and firm decision of the Court that the rights of free expression and religious liberty remain protected in our country. In this case, the Court had to navigate a course between ensuring equal protection of all persons and the freedom of artistic expression and religious liberty. We believe the Court was wise to exhort our citizenry towards civility as we face these types of challenging decisions.

Jessup is unequivocally committed to a high and sacred view of Biblical authority while at the same time advocating for constitutional rights and protections for all of our citizens. We humbly pause, in this difficult cultural hour, to be thankful to the Court for this articulation of our freedoms and to give praise to the Creator from whom our rights originate”

Dear Jessup Friend,

We are taking an extraordinary step of alerting you to three bills now pending in the California legislature. These bills are, in my view, the kind of extreme and unconstitutional approach that we are seeing increasingly from a small group in our society. In each case, the bills seek to further establish in law a state sanctioned viewpoint that gender and sexuality are arbitrary, fluid, and subject only to personal desire. In fact, these three bills seek to make it illegal to help someone who wants to change their same sex desire or gender identity to their biological gender. The bills are AB 2943 (unlawful business practices), and AB 2119 (foster care).

Each of these bills could ensnare a pastor selling a book, a counselor offering service, or any other commercial transaction where a viewpoint about sexual orientation is contradictory to the now increasingly established and apparently state sanctioned view of sexuality and gender. The bills also address foster care and mental health support for those seeking assistance with their gender identity or same sex desires.

In my view, our task is to build a pluralistic society that allows for freedom of expression (all the 1st Amendment protections) and the right of privacy (all the 14th Amendment protections). These three bills would attempt to silence the deeply held religious convictions of many in our culture (including churches, counselors, teachers, and others) about human sexuality, the family, and about providing help to those who seek to change their sexual orientation.

We also believe that these bills will subject California, again, to legal challenges that are certain to be lost by California as the bills are clearly an unconstitutional abridgment of 1st Amendment rights.

I wanted to ask that you consider responding TODAY personally (there is a time pressure here) and alert your people to do the same. We will keep you updated on these matters.

You can forward or share the online version of this letter ( and also see contacts below for legislator information. We will keep you posted as these bills progress. PLEASE ACT NOW AND JOIN US IN PRAYER ON THESE MATTERS. THANK YOU!

John Jackson, PhD




Who to Contact

There are a number of ways to communicate with the committees via email, fax and letter. You may want to go to the Assembly’s website ( to see the lists of all the committee members and other info you might find helpful. The bills can be viewed on the site as well. Letters, emails, faxes need to be sent within the next day or two.

Letter should be addressed to the Chair: Assembly Member Ed Chau


We anticipate AB 2943 being assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Organizations and individuals can send in letters of opposition to the Senate Judiciary Committee and those letters will be noted in the Bill Analysis that the Judiciary Committee puts together for legislators. Legislators and staff pay a lot of attention to the bill analysis, so it is important that you have your position stated in the analysis when it is printed.

Here’s how to make your voice heard:

1) Please use the sample letter SampleLetterAB2943 →.

2) Please send your letters in on your organization’s letterhead and be sure the letters are signed.

3) All letters to the Senate Judiciary committee should be emailed to or they can be faxed to (916) 403-7394.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Newman

Important Updates on AB2943:
AB 2943 (Low, D-Silicon Valley), which would make it fraud to offer the option of counseling (including pamphlets, books, or other reference materials) to adults questioning their sexuality, is now pending consideration before the full State Assembly.

From the Alliance Defending Freedom:

  • In a client-therapist relationship, the client is in the driver’s seat. They set their own goals which the therapist helps them achieve.
  • Politicians have no business telling people that their counseling goals are illegal.
  • Everyone should be free to find therapy and support to help them achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

From the California Family Council:

  • AB 2943 prevents adults from setting their own therapy goals.
  • AB 2943 violates the First Amendment by banning books and church events to help people live according to their faith.
  • AB 2943 uses threats of lawsuits and punitive damages under the consumer protection act to punish people for speaking about views the government doesn’t like.

The bill is eligible to be taken up for vote as soon as Thursday, April 19.


Chief Consultant

Assistant Consultant





The Honorable Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Chair
Senate Judiciary Committee
State Capitol Room 2187
Sacramento, CA 95814

Letter should be addressed to the Chair: Assembly Member Blanca E. Rubio


Chief Counsel

Assistant Counsel





The Honorable Senator Scott D. Wiener, Chair
Senate Human Services Committee
Legislative Office Building
1020 N. Street, Room 521
Sacramento, CA 95814

The addresses below are for Kevin Kiley who is the vice chair of the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee and the Republican assembly member for District 6 (Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, Granite Bay, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park). If he is your representative, please send him not only your opposition letter for AB 2943 but the other AB opposition letters as well. For other Assembly Districts and legislators, please see:

CAPITOL OFFICE: State Capitol, Suite #4153, Sacramento, CA 94249 | 916-319-2006
DISTRICT OFFICE: 8799 Auburn-Folsom Road, Ste. A, Granite Bay, CA 95746 | 916-774-4430

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