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University Endowment

The University Endowment is an accumulation of gifts from generous partners that is invested according to WJU’s investment policy. Earnings from the endowment are split to re-invest into the corpus to gain higher yields in the future and the other is given to support the vision and mission of the university.

How Endowments Transform Lives

Every gift and investment made into the Jessup Endowment directly impacts the accessibility and affordability of a quality Christ-centered higher education. Each dollar given alleviates a student’s future graduate debt-load. Students who receive endowment scholarships will graduate with less debt and become more nimble in the hands of God as they are sent into communities to transform lives for His glory.

The Endowment Process

  1. The Gift – Endowments begin at $25,000 or five percent of which will be invested into the University Scholarship Fund for immediate student support. The remaining 95 percent will be invested per Board policies.
  2. The Investment Return – Interest gained from the endowment helps increase the corpus to reach and impact more students over the life of the fund. Jessup partners with RW Baird & Co. to manage the investment portfolio.
  3. Reinvested Payout – The reinvested payout is the unspent fund payout that is returned to the endowment for the purposes of growth and future impact. The long-term goal is to provide a reasonable, predictable, stable and sustainable level of income to support student affordability.
  4. Perpetuity – To strengthen the fund and uphold the sustainability of the Jessup mission, the investment committee reviews each endowment for maximum impact for the life of the university.

Christ-Centered Sustainability

William Jessup University is unequivocally Christ-centered. A thriving endowment allows Jessup to stand tall amidst poor economic conditions and threats upon our biblical values for which we stand.

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