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The 2020 Annual Donor Impact Report
Because of You, Jessup is moving Forward in Faith


The Jessup campus provided a thriving community for over 600 residential students.

New Campus Additions

Rocklin Student Union Renovation Phase I

San Jose, Satellite Campus at Santana Row

“Jessup has strengthened my faith during my college experience.”

-2020 Graduate


Affordability and accessibility made possible through Jessup Fund supporters
  • Ranked as the #5 Best Value by U.S. News & World Report
  • $16.6M given in Institutional & Donor Scholarships
  • Average Grant & Scholarship Package per student - $19.5K (federal, state and institutional aid for traditional students)
  • 69% of graduates borrowed less than the national average
Phillip Wiggins | Student Story
Christ-centered programs fostering spiritual growth
  • Gifts made to The Jessup Fund support the spiritual formation of each student
  • 1,266 students enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Theology and Christian Leadership Division
  • 443 students were involved in Spiritual Formation Groups
  • 74% of students attended and served weekly in their local church
Academic excellence for a changing landscape
  • 60 programs offerings
  • Five new programs in 2020: Master in Accountancy, BS Computer Science, BA English, AA in Bible, AA in Ministry
  • School of Education added 12 single subject credentials
  • School of Business launched Global Center for Christian Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Faculty of Theology and Christian Leadership launched the Center for Hispanic/Latino Ministry: Casa Latina & Center for American Sign Language
“I have a huge dream of bringing more unity between local churches and parachurch organizations for the benefit of students to hear the gospel and be connected with a body of believers.”
-2020 Graduate


296 May Graduates

11 Birth Countries Represented

74% Bachelor's Degrees

26% Master's Degrees

“What I love the most about Jessup is coming to class and praying with my classmates. It’s amazing and creates a bond among us that is similar to the bonds I developed while serving in the U.S. Navy.”

-2020 Graduate


Developing athletes of character for His glory

229 Student Athletes

2 NAIA National Championship Appearances

15 Teams

5 GSAC Tournament Appearances

134 student athletes involved in 15 community service projects/events

65 GSAC Scholar Athletes


Delivering immersive experiences to enable students to grow God-given talents

200 VAPA Students

15,000 Patrons

12 Tour Stops


Aspiring teachers in the classroom ready to make an impact

283 School of Education Students

100% employment rate

700 active credentialed teachers


Building a distinctively Christ-centered science program

  • 269 Natural and Applied Sciences students
  • The Institute for Biodiversity in Environmental Sciences has received multiple grants and donations for research projects. Additional funding has been provided by Placer County, Placer Waste Management, Placer County Supervisors, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, private community institutions, and individual donors. These projects represent a myriad of diverse research opportunities for our faculty and students – scientific endeavors that will impact our local and regional communities.
  • Haiti Marine Biology Research and Medical Missions field experience offers Jessup students front-line research opportunities with the local and regional coastline agencies of Haiti. It also provides excellent medical mission experiences within a local Haiti hospital for our pre-med and allied health students.


  • William Jessup University’s mission of educating transformative leaders positively impacts the local economy in Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento, and beyond.
  • Jessup’s activity generates an economic impact of $113M within California.
  • Spending power to the local economy is $13M annually
  • Positive impact locally: distributing supplies to the homeless, assisting emergency shelter programs, mentoring children, tutoring low income students, and conducting Bible studies.
  • Positive impact globally: Outreach teams serve alongside international partners to assist refugees, orphans, and victims of human trafficking as well as working in children’s camps, campuses, libraries, and hospices across the world. Outreach teams travel the globe, including Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa.
  • William Jessup University cultivates an academic community that prepares students for a lifetime of transformative leadership in their professional and personal lives.

I grew closer to Jesus. My knowledge of Scripture has become much richer and deeper. I was developed into the leader God made me to be. I matured beyond measure from the person I was in January 2018. I was transformed and now am ready to be unleashed into the world to glorify God and expand His kingdom.”

-2020 Graduate
The Impact is Just Beginning…

William Jessup University is a Christ-centered university whose mission emphasizes, “Partnership with the Church.” We partner to educate “transformational leaders for the glory of God.” We believe partnering with the Church is essential to the Great Commission, thus fulfilling the infallible cause of Christ in our world. Jessup is positioned to inspire the next generation of leaders by providing the needed “Strength for Today” by investing in every aspect of education – spiritually and academically. It doesn’t end there. We need a “Hope for Tomorrow.” Our strength and hope come from Christ alone. As a Christ-centered university that partners with the Church, we are uniquely qualified to train and equip leaders in a post-pandemic world, leading with Gospel distinction in every vocational platform, all for His glory. Look forward in faith with us as we embark on what it means to provide, “Strength for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.” Together.


Renew Your Giving Today

Phillip Wiggins

When Philip Wiggins decided to go back to college, he knew he needed an accessible and flexible environment where he could receive a quality education and be available to help raise his baby daughter. He chose Jessup because it fit his needs and offered the Christian Leadership major that will jumpstart his career in ministry. Jessup also provided scholarships that made Christian higher education affordable while avoiding significant student loan debt. With the help of his Jessup education, Philip is pursuing his calling and reaching the world with the Good News of Christ.

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Austin Dill

Despite the plethora of emotions the COVID-19 pandemic instills for many people, recent Kinesiology graduate Austin Dill had plenty to celebrate when he received his diploma during Jessup’s inaugural virtual commencement ceremony last May.

During his time at Jessup, Dill was a member of the men’s basketball team where he helped lead the Warriors to their sixth-consecutive postseason bid to the GSAC Championship. Going 30-for-30 in appearances and starts, Dill played the second-highest minutes averaging 28.6 per game. Last February, he earned the GSAC’s Player of the Week recognition after a dynamic performance the week prior in a two-game sweep on the road against San Diego Christian and Vanguard where he shot an impressive 57 percent from the field while averaging 15.5 points, 8 rebounds and 2.5 assists.

Although Dill has always had a passion for a game he started playing in the second grade, his next move will take him off the court to a different role. Austin will be attending the University of Washington to pursue his post-graduate degree in physical therapy. As a Spokane native, Dill is looking forward to moving closer to home to be near family and friends. “Basketball has been such a huge part of my life, but after giving so much of myself to the game, I feel ready to move on to this next chapter. Getting this degree will allow me to go and work in any field of physical therapy so I’m excited about what the future holds.”

A two-time NAIA Scholar-Athlete with one of the top GPA’s on the Warrior team, Dill is well positioned for success to help athletes recover from injuries through physical therapy helping them get back to the sport they love. Jessup’s Kinesiology Chair and Professor Scott Roberts put it this way, “Austin is the epitome of being a student-athlete at Jessup. His hard work on the court and in the classroom coupled with his service in the community and moral standards are above reproach.”

Ashley White

Recent graduate Ashley White has another diploma to add to her wall but this time, it’s a degree that reveals her lifelong passion. Ashley has always been passionate about theatre but also loved teaching. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and later her Master of Arts in Education, she secured a job teaching high school English and theatre. Three years into her career, she still felt the tug of the professional theatre industry.

It wasn’t long before she made a life changing decision to follow her dream and pursue a degree in theatre. “With reflection and courage, I resigned from my tenured teaching position to put my passion for professional theatre into purpose. My first step toward that goal was to attend Jessup to pursue a BA in Theatre,” she said.

One of the reasons Ashley chose Jessup was the compassionate environment she noticed when she inquired about the program. “Before I applied, I had a meeting with Jessup’s theatre program advisor who was supportive and understanding. When I got home from that meeting, I immediately applied for admission into the theatre program as I knew I wanted to be in such a caring environment.”

During her time in the program she served as a student worker and box office manager. In these roles she was able to work with budgets on a greater scale and with outside contractors. In addition, Ashley explained, “I was able to gain invaluable hands-on experience and insight into how a university theatre department runs.”

Ashley was recently accepted into the University of Alabama’s MFA Directing program, a program that has an acceptance rate of only one candidate per year! She is thrilled to use the skills and education she gained at Jessup as she continues following her theatre dreams to the University of Alabama. “Jessup faculty have been enormous supporters of my journey,” Ashley said. “They were always there to give advice, answer questions and to challenge me. They gave me the confidence I needed to follow my dreams.”

Melissa Salinas

Serving her community in a time of need is second nature to teacher education student Melissa Salinas. Having her study abroad program at Oxford cut short last March because of COVID-19, Melissa returned to her hometown of Salinas to shelter in place. But she didn’t stay put for long when she learned she was needed to serve her community as a Spanish interpreter for a public clinic and COVID-19 testing site. “I knew that God was calling me to this and that I am there for a reason.”

Melissa came to Jessup as a Scholar Award recipient with a 4.0 grade point average. She knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten. “I think that teaching is what I was created to do. I absolutely love kids and getting to know each of their individual personalities,” she said. “I also love to learn and I knew that teaching will help me to keep learning.” She especially enjoys living out her faith in the classroom by creating bonds and helping kids excel in an academic environment.

As a part of Jessup’s teaching program, Melissa has already obtained relevant teaching experience when she taught reading and math to kindergarteners at First Street Elementary School in Lincoln. In addition, Melissa also gained professional development experience serving as a Discover Ambassador for Student Leadership where she supported student learning and success for first-year Jessup students. She also was a Student Ambassador for Admissions and a member of the Chapel Welcome Team.

Growing up in the east side of Salinas, Melissa was exposed to gang violence but the experience made her want to serve her community even more. “One day I would love to come back and be that beacon of hope for families who need to know that people care about their kids. These regions need more resources and programs and I would love to one day be a part of that.” In addition, Melissa added a minor in Christian Leadership to better allow her to serve in church ministry when she graduates.

Moriah Maddalena

Despite the apprehension she felt to pursue her college journey close to home, recent graduate Moriah Maddalena is confident about the decision she made four years ago to earn her Biology degree with a Pre-Allied Health concentration at William Jessup University.

Last May, Moriah had much to celebrate when she earned her bachelor of science degree and applied to various medical school’s including Loma Linda University and UC Davis, two of her top choices. “My education at Jessup helped me to be well prepared for the MCAT,” Moriah said. “The academic rigor I received in my science courses was tough and taught me to focus and study difficult material.”

During her junior year at Jessup, Moriah’s pursuit to become a doctor was solidified after much deliberation to ensure she was following God’s call on her life. “Getting a Christian education was important to me and has been a pinnacle part of my Jessup journey,” she said. “Attending a university that integrates faith with learning profoundly impacted me. I had professors who shared their passion for Christ, prayed before class and particularly important in the field of science, showed me scientific evidence surrounding God’s creation.”

Soon Moriah began to understand she had the tenacity to pursue becoming a doctor. She also received encouragement from her father who is an obstetrician currently practicing in the Yuba City area. It was during her work experiences she obtained with the guidance of Jessup’s Career and Life Planning services that she found confirmation regarding her future purpose.

The opportunity to work both as a certified nursing assistant at Adventist Health and Ride Out Memorial Hospital in Marysville, California and as an emergency room scribe at Sutter Roseville Hospital not far from campus gave her first-hand exposure to the medical field. “I realized I was better suited to be a leader than I thought,” she explained. “I also saw that reaching the spiritual side of patients is an important component to their overall well-being.”

When Moriah began her education at Jessup in 2016, she describes herself as somewhat introverted and shy, not really enjoying striking up conversations with other people. However, during her college experience she discovered opportunities to grow into her gifts while being encouraged by faculty, staff and students. She also began conducting research and teaching other students in her role as teacher’s assistant in biology. In addition, she fulfilled an ongoing leadership role within the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) national chapter at Jessup.

Attending medical school also meant Moriah needed to change some coursework to ensure she met academic requirements. “Dr. Stubblefield, Dr. Richert and Dr. Mukome were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals,” she said. “During my time at Jessup, I had full access to faculty and they encouraged me every step of the way.”

Last year, Moriah also married her high school sweetheart and Jessup alumnus Quentin Curteman who is a software engineer. Moriah kept her maiden name on her medical school paperwork in hopes to one-day return to her hometown, the Yuba City area, as the other “Dr. Maddalena.”

Trevor Dew

Alumni Trevor Dew recognized the need to earn his master’s degree while working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise from 2013-17. “I noticed all the managers held master’s degrees and figured if I was going to pursue aspirations of becoming a manager and move into an executive leadership role one day, I too needed a master’s degree,” he said.

Trevor nearly began his MBA program at Sacramento State in 2014, but the timing wasn’t right. Later, he began working at EMF Broadcasting/KLOVE Radio where Jessup recruiters held an onsite orientation about their MBA program. “It was as if God said, ‘This is your opportunity,”‘ Trevor recalled. So, he took action and enrolled.

“I am a life learner and take pride in growing my knowledge and skills as it relates to work as well as my personal life,” Trevor said. “Jessup’s MBA program provided an opportunity to continue my education with top-tier professors, while studying alongside local professionals of different backgrounds and career fields – within a Christian setting. It was a win-win.”

Trevor found that the program challenged him both intellectually and spiritually. “I grew as a leader and in my walk with Christ because of it. I am incredibly blessed to have been able to pursue an MBA at a school of Jessup’s caliber,” he said. “The program does a great job examining countless case studies of companies, leaders and executives that both succeeded and fell short, whether it be morally or otherwise,” Trevor added. “The program challenged me to consider what type of leader I was and the type I will be in the future.”

Currently Trevor is a Project Manager and Functional Analyst for Serrano Technical Consulting (SerranoTech) where he is also part owner. The company specializes in servicing implementation maintenance and support contracts for state and local agencies across the United States.

Jessup’s MBA program strengthened and prepared Trevor for the challenging landscape businesses are facing today. “Because SerranoTech is a small business, I get the opportunity to wear many different hats in regards to finance, marketing, sales and other aspects,” Trevor said. “Each of the core MBA courses in Jessup’s program apply in some way to growing a small business.”

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