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Andrew D. Carico, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


Ph.D., Political Science, Claremont Graduate University, 2017.

M.A., Government, Regent University, 2010.

B.S., Government, Evangel University, 2008.


Dr. Andrew D. Carico serves as Associate Professor and Chair for both the Public Policy Department and the Division of Humanities at William Jessup University. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from Claremont Graduate University, and his doctoral work was in the area of presidential rhetoric. More broadly, his research and teaching interests lie in the fields of American politics, constitutional law, and political philosophy.

While Dr. Carico enjoys teaching and conducting research on various topics, he specializes in the American presidency, American constitutionalism, American political thought, and civil discourse. He has written for Public Discourse, the Claremont Review of Books, and Starting Points Journal. He has presented original research at several academic conferences and participated in various academic seminars. He is currently working on a book project analyzing Lincoln’s understanding and use of the presidential oath of office. He hopes to inspire his students to understand the importance of political engagement and to cultivate civic virtue. Dr. Carico’s wife, Allie, is a school administrator, and they have two children.

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“Defending the Citadel: John Marshall’s Constitutional Statesmanship and McCulloch v. Maryland” (Submitted for initial review with Citizens and Statesmen: An Annual Review of Political Theory and Public Life, ed. by Bradley C.S. Watson) “E Pluribus Unum: For Our Time, For All Time,” William Jessup University Institute for Public Policy (Completed and forthcoming Spring 2019).

“Reflections on Constitution Day,” Jessup Journal: A Publication of William Jessup University (Spring 2019 Issue) “An Informed Patriotism,” The Public Discourse, September 11, 2018.

“Bridling the Unbridled: The American Constitution and the Presidency of Donald Trump,” Starting Points Journal, February 20, 2017.

Dr. Carico has also presented original research at multiple political science conferences, including the annual conferences for the American Political Science Association, Western Political Science Association, and Christians in Political Science.

APSA – American Political Science Association
ASPLP – American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

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