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Ahmad A. Shaar, MBA

Associate Professor, Bay Area Campus - International


- DBA, International Technological University (ITU), San Jose, CA, Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence, 2018.
- EMBA, Institute Universitaire Kurt Boch, Switzerland, Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2009
- MBA, Human Resources, 2008
- Executive MBA, Marketing & Advertising, 2006
- MBA, IT & CRM, 2005
- BBA, American University of Technology (AUT), Lebanon, Business Computing, 2003


Ahmad has had years of leadership and teaching in Higher Education. He has worked at AUT; NYC; SUNY; Institute Universitaire Kurt-Bosch; ITU; UC Berkeley; Cogswell College, and now WJU. Ahmad enjoys teaching Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Organizational Teamwork, Advertising Strategies, MIS, Strategic Management and other practical courses. He has contracted with and lead projects for several Fortune 100 companies such as KPMG, P&G, SAP, Google, YouTube, CISCO, Orange-Telecom, Levi’s, Starbucks, and McDonald's. Ahmad has also consulted with a number of startup companies, SMB’s and over 60 restaurants. As a Certified Quality Auditor at Lloyds (U.K.) Ahmad helped many organizations to procure their ISO and HACCP certifications.

In Silicon Valley, Ahmad has worked on a variety of projects to include autopilot cars (Google Project), smart chip implants to control diabetes (Intel Project). He also joined and partnered with Jighi, a startup company which organizes the annual Africa Cyber Security Conference under the patronage of the US Department of Trade and Commerce.


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