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Tuition and Fees

Students who must withdraw from a class or classes during the semester may receive a refund of a percentage of the semester’s tuition and fees charges. To receive a refund, students must withdraw online ( or, in extenuating circumstances, complete a drop card and submit it to the Registrar. The date of withdrawal for refund purposes is determined by the date the student withdraws from the course online, or the date that the Registrar receives the completed drop card, or the last date a student has attended an academically‐related function (typically the last date they attended class or submitted a paper or final). Refunds indicated are percentages of total tuition charges, not of amounts paid to date of withdrawal. The student may be required to pay unpaid charges.

Financial aid eligibility is ‘earned’ based on how many days a student is enrolled in the term/payment period. When a student withdraws from all courses, the percentage of aid earned is calculated and ‘unearned aid’ is returned to the appropriate funding agency. Once a student has attended 60% of the term/payment period, financial aid is considered to be 100% earned in full.


Dropping a partial number of units will result in your financial aid eligibility being recalculated. Jessup takes a conservative approach on recalculating eligibility and will recalculate all forms of financial aid up to the 60% point of a term/payment period.

Federal Title IV Financial Aid

(Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Loan, Parent PLUS Loan) is refunded based on Return to Title IV regulations using the Federal R2T4 software.

State Financial Aid

(Cal Grant) is typically refunded when a student withdraws. However, in certain circumstances, it may be beneficial for a student to use Cal Grant eligibility despite withdrawing from school. Those situations will be handled on a case‐by‐case basis.

Jessup Institutional Aid

is earned similar to the tuition refund policies below. For example, if a student withdraws and receives an 80% refund of tuition, then the student will also have 80% of Jessup institutional aid refunded.

Traditional Program Refund Policy

Before or during the first week of instruction100%
After the first week but before the end of the third week of instruction80%
After the third week but before the end of the ninth week of instruction40%
After the end of the ninth week of instruction0%

SPS Program Refund Policy

Before the first week of instruction100%
After the first week but before the second week of instruction80%
After the second week but before the third week of instruction40%
After the third week of instruction0%

Online Program Refund Policy (seven‐week courses)

By the fifth day of instruction100%
Between the sixth and 10th day of instruction80%
Between the 11th and 25th day of instruction40%
26th day of instruction or later0%

For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 916-577-2200.

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