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Optimal Learning Both Online and in the Classroom with Scott Roberts, Ph.D.

Scott Roberts, Ph.D. fell in love with the idea of teaching while pursuing his undergraduate degree. After working for several years in the medical field, his passion for teaching never waned. He received his Ph.D., became a professor, and never looked back. Scott is now part of Jessup’s Faculty of Health, Applied, and Natural Sciences and serves as the Associate Dean and professor. He’s not only passionate about teaching but committed to creating an optimal learning environment for students, both online and in person. It’s a pleasure to welcome Scott to our Q&A discussion today. 

How many years have you taught at Jessup? 

5 years

What classes do you teach?

I teach Clinical Exercise Physiology, Exercise for Chronic Disease and Disabilities, and Exercise Testing and Prescription within the Kinesiology major.

Briefly describe your path to teaching.

While pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I was fortunate to be able and work as either a teaching and\or research assistant. I immediately fell in love with the idea of teaching. I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge of health and fitness with students. After finishing my master’s degree, I worked for several years in the medical field before deciding to pursue my Ph.D. and become a college professor. I have never once regretted my decision or path to becoming a college professor. I absolutely love being a college professor.

How are you successfully transitioning your traditional classes to remote classes during this COVID-19 quarantine period?

The transition last semester was rather seamless. The IT office at Jessup helped immensely with preparing courses ahead of time to transition to zoom. Because I have taught online courses in the past, the transition was really quite easy. Having previous experience with teaching online helped.

What’s unique about your online teaching style?

I’m passionate, devoted, and committed to creating an optimal learning environment for students, whether the course is in person or via zoom. I believe I exhibit the same level of passion, energy, and dedication to teaching whether online or in person. I’m energetic and engaging and I believe I am able to keep the students’ attention both online and in person.

What do you like most about the online learning mode at Jessup?

I love being able to see all of the students’ faces and reactions on the screen at once. I feel that I am more effective, organized, and less distracted when teaching online than in a classroom. Although I really miss seeing my students in person, online learning has been for the most part an enjoyable experience for me personally.

How can a student get the most out of an online learning experience?

It’s the same as in a traditional classroom. Students should be organized, prepared, and engaged in the learning process. They should ask for help when needed and not be shy about opening up in class and asking questions. Be an engaged learner\participant!

In addition to teaching at Jessup, do you (did you) have another career?

I write quite a bit. I love to write articles and books on health, fitness, and faith.

How are you using your “real-world” experience to help students in your program?

Before becoming a college professor, I worked as a clinical exercise physiologist for several years in hospitals. Because of my previous work experience in exercise physiology and corporate health and wellness, I am able to draw from my work experiences and incorporate them into my teaching. In my experience, the most influential teachers are the ones with professional and practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge. I believe my students would agree and support that assumption regarding my teaching style as well.

How do you integrate faith into an online learning environment?

The same as I do in a traditional class. My faith is at the core of who I am. My relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior is central to everything I do and try to do right. Through the peaks and valleys of life, my faith has never wavered and continues to grow stronger daily. Through the trials of life, I have grown to rely on and turn to Jesus for all my strength. Every aspect of my personality and teaching style is influenced by my faith, whether in an online or traditional setting. Prayer and praise is a constant component of my classes. In addition, I routinely blend aspects of faith into lectures and topics through scripture and biblical references.

What three people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?


Mother Teresa

Shelly (my sister)

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