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Jessup Partners with Convoy of Hope to Help Feed and Empower our Local Community

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that helps empower others to live with greater independence and freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger. Since 1994, 132 million people around the world have been fed and served. In the United States alone, they provide disaster response, facilitate community events, and direct nutritional programs and sustainability projects. Internationally, they bring help and hope to more than 127 countries. 

Jessup’s relationship with Convoy of Hope began in 2018 in response to the Carr Fire in Redding, CA. Since then, Jessup has continued this relationship through food and supply distribution in Placer County. Convoy of Hope and Jessup share the same belief that the heart of the community is the church. Like Jessup, their ministry is kingdom-oriented.

Most recently, through their Crisis Relief Fund, Convoy of Hope has distributed more than 50 million meals to those affected by COVID-19. Jessup has teamed up with Convoy of Hope, becoming a food and supply warehouse and distribution site, and serving the needs of our local community. Jessup’s long-standing relationships with many local churches has allowed us to serve as a hub for this ministry. Pastors of our local small, rural churches have asked Jessup and Convoy of Hope for help with during this crisis and we’ve answered the call. Jessup staff and volunteers have packed nearly 850 bags of groceries for distribution. 

“As needs arise in the region, Jessup and Convoy of Hope will continue their partnership, engage with churches, and distribute much-needed supplies,” says Eddie Rentz, National Church Spokesperson from the Office of the President and National Hispanic Director. 

If you’re looking for ways to help fight hunger, consider participating in their FeedONE program. For $10/month, you can feed a child in their program. Convoy of Hope also hosts week-long trips to countries around the world where you can get involved in ministry, feeding, and building projects. “When we look at hunger around the world, our goal is to break the cycle of poverty,” says Renz. “You can’t do everything but everyone can do something.”

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