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Leading and Teaching Youth Ministry with Fritz Moga, M.A.

Youth ministry is practically part of professor Fritz Moga’s DNA. After 20 years in church youth ministry, Fritz now teaches Jessup students about the practical issues of youth ministry and the theology needed to succeed in ministry. He recently celebrated his 20th year teaching at Jessup! It’s a pleasure to welcome Fritz to our Q&A discussion today.

How many years have you taught at Jessup?

Finishing my 20th year!

What classes do you teach?

I’m the Lead Faculty member for the Youth Ministry degree. 

I teach the following classes:

  • Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Skills
  • Teaching and Speaking to Youth
  • Counseling Youth
  • Mentorship
  • Youth Ministry Capstone
  • Public Speaking
  • Contemporary Discipleship

Briefly describe your path to teaching

My first career was as an educator. I graduated from San Jose State with a degree in Physical Education. I went into full-time youth ministry after that period and taught teenagers for almost 20 years in the church setting. I have now been at Jessup for 20 years leading and teaching in the Youth Ministry department as well as other departments at the university.

What’s unique about your online teaching style?

Whether you are online or in-person the student-to-student and student-to-teacher engagement is still crucial. I make sure everyone feels welcome to class and are all contributors to the curriculum that we are studying that day.

What do you like most about the remote learning mode at Jessup?

It allows for great student interaction.

How can a student get the most out of an online learning experience?

By realizing how much of a real classroom setting this is despite being online. We still talk, we process, we discuss, and we report; all from the comfort of our own homes.

In addition to teaching at Jessup, do you (did you) have another career?

Education & Youth Ministry

How are you using your “real-world” experience to help students in your program?

After 20 years in youth ministry, I feel able to share on a deep and personal level with my students about the practical issues as well as theology needed to succeed in ministry.

How do you integrate faith into an online learning environment?

My life is faith-filled therefore anything and everything done in a class reflects this. From opening prayers to opening our Bibles, we include our faith as part of our program.

For more information about Jessup’s Youth Ministry program, please visit their page.

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