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Growing with God at Jessup

Matthew Szczepanski’s desire to grow in his relationship with God was the first thing that drew him to Jessup. While at Jessup, he not only developed a deeper relationship with God, he found a supportive community that encouraged his growth and helped him better love others. Matthew is excited about a future career in ministry and he graciously took time out of his schedule to reflect a bit on his time at Jessup.

What is your major?

Biblical Studies

What year are you?


What’s your favorite part of Jessup’s remote learning experience?

Being able to connect with students, even if we are not together in the same space.

How have your professors made your remote learning experience valuable and enjoyable?

All my professors have made the transition very smooth for me. This was helpful so that I never felt like I was falling behind. My professors also provided extra time outside of class for the students who had questions or were falling behind.

Is there something distinctive or unique about your educational journey?

Although everyone in my family comes from a faith background, I am the first to pursue a pastoral career.

Being a Christian in your future career/field might be difficult. How will you use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained at Jessup to stand up for what you believe/reach the unreached?

Even if I end up in a job outside of the church, I believe there are many skills I have acquired at Jessup that will help me with whichever path I take. From my time here, I have learned how to better love others as well as build my relationship with God. I’ve also noticed that as my relationship with God continues to grow, my relationship with others has also flourished.

Why did you choose Jessup?

I chose Jessup for the school’s first and primary goal of growing others in their relationship with God. I also love the community in and around Jessup.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I can (for the most part) read and understand Hebrew.

What role, if any, do student scholarships play in your Jessup education?

I have two other sisters who are in college so without scholarships, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it back to Jessup. I am very thankful for the financial aid that has been given to me.

How has your education at Jessup impacted or changed how you see the world?

I think Jessup has changed my worldview in so many ways. I think from the community around me as well as my experience from the school itself, I have drastically grown in my relationship with God, which has helped me grown in how I treat and love others.

When you have a free day without homework or school, how do you spend it?

I usually try to spend it by getting out of my house and spending time with friends. I also love playing and writing music in my free time!

For more information about the Biblical Studies program, visit their program page.

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