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Accessible, Christ-Centered Education

When Philip Wiggins decided to go back to college, he knew he needed an accessible and flexible environment where he could receive a quality education and be available to help raise his baby daughter. He chose Jessup because it fit his needs and offered the Chrisitan Leadership major he hoped would jumpstart his career in ministry. With the help of his Jessup education, Philip is pursuing his calling and reaching the world with the Good News of Christ. Please welcome Philip to our Q&A discussion today.

What is your major/minor?

Christian Leadership with a Bible minor

What year are you?


What’s your favorite part of Jessup’s remote learning experience?

The accessibility is by far the best part. Being able to learn at home while caring for my daughter is one of the best things Jessup has offered to me.

How have your professors made your remote learning experience valuable and enjoyable?

All of my professors have been incredibly encouraging and available. From checking in to being available well past “business hours”, they have made me feel valued as a student.

Is there something distinctive or unique about your educational journey?

I went back to school in 2017, six years after having to drop out of school to work full time. I felt God calling me into full-time ministry and Jessup was the best place for me to prepare for that.

Being a Christian in your future career/field might be difficult. How will you use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained at Jessup to stand up for what you believe/reach the unreached?

I think the Christian Leadership route has helped me to do ministry in a way that’s not only Biblically-based but full of both IQ and EQ. I think knowing people helps to lead people better.

Why did you choose Jessup?

Accessibility was the first draw. Right after I went back to school, I found out my wife and I were having a daughter. Being able to be with her and learn is a huge reason I chose Jessup. The other reason was the Christian Leadership department.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am a musician. I do not play often, but one of my greatest passions is drumming.

What role, if any, do student scholarships play in your Jessup education?

Scholarships are one of the things that have kept me at Jessup. I needed scholarships to make education more affordable, and the scholarships I received have helped avoid racking up student loan debt.

How has your education at Jessup impacted or changed how you see the world?

Jessup has helped me to see the world as more globalized than ever, which makes the potential of spreading the gospel unlimited.

When you have a free day without homework or school, how do you spend it?

Usually just hanging out with my daughter or playing/watching sports.

For more information about Jessup’s School of Christian Leadership, please visit their page

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