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Ministry in the Media

Growing up in South Carolina, Digital Communication and Design major Julia Findley dreamed of a career in media. As a child, she was obsessed with news and politics, hoping one day to become a journalist or a news anchor. 

When Julia was fourteen, her father joined the military and became a chaplain. He moved their family to Rocklin, just across the street from Jessup! Throughout high school, Julia excelled at speech and debate. She first learned about the communication major when her oldest brother chose it as his major in college. He told her all about the “cool” careers in the field and everything she could do with the degree. 

Julia started researching universities during a gap year after high school. Attending a Christian university was her top priority. She also wanted to attend a college with an exciting communication department that had classes in her areas of interest. During that time, Julia prayed and asked God for direction. Ironically, Jessup ads started flooding her YouTube page. They continued for six straight months. Julia laughs about it now, but she believed it was one of the ways God spoke to her. “Choosing Jessup was an easy decision,” said Julia.

As a Digitial Communication and Design major, Julia has opportunities to explore her media interests and refine her dreams and goals. She credits Paul Robins, the program’s lead faculty, for helping her discover her career potential. “Paul’s been in the industry for years. He knows how to prepare me for the real world,” said Julia.

Julia loves the program’s classes and hands-on learning in each class. Since it’s a newer program, Julia also has the opportunity to be a part of the groundwork, reviewing courses and offering suggestions for future classes. 

She’s currently planning for a semester in New York City through Jessup’s partnership with The King’s College. She hopes to secure an internship at one of the major news outlets. “Professor Robins is helping me make sure my portfolio is built for internships. He’s helping me apply and build up newsreels and gain professional experience,” said Julia.  

Community is one of Julia’s favorite parts of life at Jessup. “I love getting to know people in my building. Everyone is there for you when you’re struggling,” said Julia. “Professors are there for you too. They really help you understand what you’re going to be doing in the real world.”

Julia is excited about the future. Whether she’s a journalist for the New York Times, an editor on Buzzfeed, or a news anchor for the national news, Julia will be prepared to minister in the media.

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