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MBA Graduate Now Technical Lead at Bay Area Start-Up

Mongolian native, Ben Mandakh had no idea how dramatically his life would change when he moved to the United States in 2014. As a new believer, he wanted to find accountability and discipleship in a church community. He found fellowship at Bayside Granite Bay and discovered Sacramento Mongolian Church where he volunteered with the youth group and worship team. While he continued learning and growing in Christ, he also got a job working as a salesman at a local car dealership. But after a short time, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him away from this industry. 

Since he already had a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science, a friend suggested he check out Jessup’s one-year MBA program. Mandakh felt God’s peace and presence from the initial admissions phone call to his graduation in May 2019.

Mandakh enjoyed taking classes from adjunct professors with industry experience. “I met and networked with professors who were also CEOs and company directors at companies like Oracle, HP, and Intel,” said Mandakh. “I learned so much about how businesses operate and how to manage people. The entrepreneurship classes were helpful too because they taught me how to operate and manage start-up companies.” CAPSIM, a hand-on business simulation, was another major program highlight for Mandakh. 

“I recommend the MBA program for someone who’s looking for principled leadership and management skills. Jessup offers a biblical-based, structured program that teaches servant leadership with real, practical, and structured training,” said Mandakh.

Mandakh now works as a Technical Lead for a technology start-up company based in Berkeley. He leads teams and supervises new technology production. “My professors at Jessup taught me project management and how to manage and lead small teams,” said Mandakh. “They also showed me how I can impact and change the world for good.”  Mandakh was recently asked to come back to Jessup as an adjunct professor. He now teaches computer programming, helping students gain the technical skills they need for careers after graduation. 

Jessup’s close community was one thing Mandakh remembers most about his time at Jessup. In fact, he’s still in contact with many of his business professors and cohort members today. “My professors are still checking in and helping me after graduation. We stay in contact through LinkedIn,” said Mandakh. “After finishing the program, my professors are now mentors and friends.

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