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A Degree for the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving digital world, it can be intimidating for a university’s communication department to stay relevant and keep up with the accelerating pace of change. That’s not the case for Jessup’s Digital Communication and Design program. “We’ve put together a fantastically multi-purpose degree,” says Paul Robins, lead faculty of the department. “Our department was built in the digital age for the digital age.”

Unlike a traditional university’s communication degree that may add a digital component or modify its curriculum to stay relevant, Jessup’s Digital Communication & Design program is built around technology. It’s not an afterthought. By intersecting creative content and contemporary media channels, students are learning how to reach the world one keystroke at a time. 

The program incorporates key classes from Jessup’s Business and Visual and Fine Arts departments, offering students an original, contemporary degree. Students analyze core subjects with a Christian worldview filter while utilizing the technical language of our culture.

As the only Christ-centered digital communication and design program in Northern California, the opportunities for growth are limitless. Students in the program have the distinct advantage of collaborating in small, specialized groups with direct access to industry experts. They examine the ways technology impacts sharing their faith and how to use communication tools to help redeem world culture. A newly formed, student-led social media team is launching this month and new media and digital communication classes help keep the content fresh and relevant. The department also has plans to send journalism students to Kings College in New York City. They will take classes at the college while working as interns for a major NYC news organization.

Graduates of Jessup’s Digital Communication and Design program have a unique set of skills that make them valuable assets to virtually any industry. Robins anticipates great things from his inaugural class. “We have a wonderful core of motivated, fun, sharp, young people who are building this department with me,” says Robins. 

As they uncover their God-given abilities and utilize their newly acquired knowledge, Jessup’s Digital Communication and Design students will be prepared to join a marketing firm, enter the high-paced journalism field, manage the creative department of a church, or build their brand. “I refuse to limit their careers to any category,” says Robins. “You can’t rule out any career path God might put in front of you.”

For more information about Jessup’s Digital Communication and Design program, click here.

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