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Jessup’s MBA Students Land in Top 1% in Business Simulation Challenge

Every semester, Jessup’s MBA students participate in a hands-on business simulation called CAPSIM ( Students work together in teams and compete against approximately 1500 other teams from top business schools across the nation including Stanford and Penn State. In this simulation, students become executive management at a fictional multi-million dollar company where they analyze, formulate, and execute key decisions across R&D, marketing, production, and finance. Students grow their business and compete against other teams for market share. Through this experiential learning tool, students work through “real-world” scenarios and learn how to integrate classroom knowledge into the business world.

In any given semester, Jessup’s MBA students finish in the top 10 percent. In Summer 2019, two teams finished in the top 96 percent and 97 percent and our Fall 2019 team placed in the top one percent. This was a huge honor and helped validate Jessup’s MBA program.

The CAPSIM simulation is just one way Jessup’s School of Business prepares students for jobs in the workforce. While Jessup uses the same MBA curriculum as many other top-rated business schools, it’s the instructors’ real-world experiences that set the program apart from the rest. Jessup hires faculty with extensive field experience while other colleges often hire professors with limited work experience. Textbooks lag when it comes to current business trends but our faculty has industry-depth knowledge and understands current best practices. They bring decades of knowledge from their experience at large companies like Intel and HP. 

“True success is seeing students find jobs at top companies around the world. It’s our goal to help Jessup grads land great jobs,” says Stephen Strombeck, Dean of the School of Business. Classroom projects, activities, cases, and real-world experience are other ways Jessup’s business school helps set students up for success. 

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