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Jessup Announces New Aviation Program

William Jessup University will offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation effective January 14, 2019 when the spring semester begins.

“The demand for pilots has been increasing worldwide. Research conducted by independent industry experts demonstrates an increasing demand (by growth of the industry and mandatory retirements) for professionally trained pilots for the foreseeable future,” said Jessup’s Lead Faculty for Aviation and Retired Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Loo Ng. “This pilot shortage is expected to produce a strong job outlook both in the United States and abroad.”

Jessup’s Aviation program produces highly skilled, industry ready, principled professionals for the field of aviation. The new program offers students options to prepare for a variety of airline flight specialties and prepares adept, certified and ethical (ACE) pilots who are willing to positively influence and contribute to the field of aviation and to society.

William Jessup University’s curriculum for Aviation majors has been carefully crafted by Aviation industry professionals and offers flexibility for students with prior flight time, college units or in various stages of training. Students will have the opportunity to become Certified Flying Instructors (CFI) and train fellow students during their time at Jessup. The University also offers an associates of science degree option for those who primarily desire flying time.

Enrolled in the program are Lucas Castro and Patrick Marquina, both former AFROTC Cadets from Whitney High School in Rocklin.

Castro will begin testing for his private pilot’s license this February and has received an internship with the FAA since becoming a Jessup student.

Marquina joined Jessup’s AFROTC program and was awarded “Cadet of the Month” last September and hopes to earn a three-year AFROTC academic scholarship. Flying is in his blood stating, “I can’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t want to fly.” Attaining his degree in aviation will better position him to pursue his dream of one day teaching astronauts to fly NASA’s Dream Chaser aircraft.

The 128-unit major is a highly anticipated program that integrates academic study with aviation curriculum and provides concentrations including certified flight instruction and multi-engine flight instruction with honors concentrations. Electives offer options such as multi-engine, instrumental flight and certified flight instructor ratings.

The program is CAC, EASA and DGCA approved.


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