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A Statement on Campus Air Quality

*Updated November 15th, 2018 @ 5:00pm
Based on Air Quality concerns, William Jessup University is suspending all classes and educational activities at the Rocklin campus on Friday, November 16th, 2018. Online and Bay Area classes are unaffected by this suspension and will be held as normal.

WJU Community,

While Jessup mourns over the devastating wild fires throughout the State and most recently the very destructive “Camp Fire” in Northern California our primary responsibility is to provide care and support for the hundreds of lives that daily occupy the William Jessup University campus. We use several factors when considering a course of action, particularly the suspension of certain campus activities in response to environmental conditions.

First, it is important to note that the campus “never closes.” We have various levels of occupancy and services on the campus seven days-a-week and 24 hours a day. During the academic year Jessup is home to nearly 600 students and campus residents for whom we provide both living accommodations and food services. In addition we have several hundred other students and community members who rely on WJU’s services on a daily basis.

As do most universities and schools, Jessup manages to its immediate circumstances and campus conditions. Weather and situational anomalies are evaluated routinely and uniquely in support of the students, faculty, and staff on campus. Northern California provides a beautiful albeit complex geography that creates micro climates throughout this portion of the State. Natural and environmental events in one part of the region may be experienced differently than even nearby regions. Of course, imminent threats are always addressed with an abundance of caution.

In our region, particularly Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and nearby communities primary and secondary schools, as well as Sierra Community College, American River College, and others all within a few miles of WJU have chosen, as we have, not to suspend classes during this time, although we are closely monitoring air quality index and environmental hazards in the region. Each institution, including Jessup has suspended planned outdoor activities during this time.

UC Davis and Sacramento State suspended courses yesterday and UC Davis has resumed classes as of this morning. Other schools and colleges in our immediate area did not close. A further note relates in part to campus layout. Unlike Sacramento State and UC Davis, Jessup is a compact campus with classes, facilities, campus residence, and services in close proximity. Large and sprawling campuses have far less ability to minimize student exposure to air quality concerns.

We are blessed to abide in an area that although effected by reduced air quality is providing sanctuary for many residents escaping the deeply impacted areas in the north. We continue to monitor closely air quality and environmental threats and are prepared to respond immediately and collaboratively with others in the region. However, we are aware that some students and personnel are highly sensitive to current environmental conditions and we have encouraged them to evaluate their own health needs and refrain from being outdoors. We have notified the student body on behalf of the administration that students who elect not to be outdoors during this time and who must remain at home or indoors sheltering from climate conditions may do so without academic penalty or the imposition of class non-attendance penalties.

Please join us in praying for those whose lives have been forever changed by recent events and for those among us who need special care and attention.

Dennis Jameson
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

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