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Are you ready to be a Leader in Education?

Are you self-motivated, passionate about education and eager to become a leader in the field of academia? Are you an effective communicator and able to work collaboratively with a group? Do you want to acquire the skills and abilities to make change in the world? If so, a Masters of Arts in Education might be the right choice for you!

Masters of Arts in Education programs cultivate individuals who are passionate about education and desire to be leaders in the academic field. Leaders in education serve in academic institutions such as schools and universities, but also in the organizations, associations, foundations, corporations, and government agencies that constitute the broader education landscape. Some graduates of Masters programs in Education continue into Doctoral programs, while others enter into careers including:

  • Education, PK-12 and Higher Education
  • Curriculum and Education Policy Development
  • Prep for a Doctoral Program
  • Corporate Training and Consulting
  • Research and Development

Careers like these begin with a Masters of Arts Degree in Education. At William Jessup University, students are encouraged to become leaders and innovators in education. At Jessup, the M.A.Ed. program creates self-motivated leaders who can communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and affect change within the broadest context of a transformative higher education community. Jessup’s goal is for graduates to know how to effectively lead change in their chosen field and understand how to conduct and connect educational research to practice.

The Masters of Arts in Education program at Jessup can be completed in as few as 20 months! Classes are offered year-round, and take place one night a week. The total required 32 units can be completed in 5 semesters. Jessup’s professional and experienced faculty are invested in students’ success, challenging and supporting students each step of the way. Courses focus on the foundations of education, academically, culturally, and psychologically; the development of curriculum; instructional leadership; and being a leader-educator in the global community. Research methods, data analysis and statistics are also covered. The program culminates in the Thesis course, an opportunity for students to bring together everything they have learned in the course of the program.

If you are a highly self-motivated individual, passionate about leadership and education, then you should check out the M.A. in Education program at Jessup! The world is waiting for leaders like you.

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