Ashley Chandler

Ashley Waterman

Admission Counselor
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Hometown: Murphys, CA

High School: Bret Harte High School

College/degree: William Jessup University: B.A. in Youth Ministry, with a minor in Psychology.

Service in Admissions: 3 years, as a professional, but also was a student worker for 3 more!

What you appreciate about WJU: I have really enjoyed being a part of the WJU family and even more so appreciate the relationships I have created with faculty, staff and students. I have greatly appreciated this family atmosphere to act like myself and be accepted for the women in Christ I am. To be able to encourage and challenge one another in our personal walk with the Lord is a unique characteristic to our Jessup community.

Favorite things to do: My husband, Chris, and I enjoy preparing fun meals together, watching movies, drinking coffee, going to the gym together and taking day trips whenever we can get away.  I really enjoy spending time with our families, creating memories with them over great food and games.  I also enjoy crafts!  I'm appreciated most by my husband, and known throughout my family and friends, for my homemade greeting cards.

A favorite verse: Isaiah 42:16

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