How to place holds

A hold is a request to get an item after the current borrower returns it. A hold does not change the original borrower's due date, but prevents the borrower who has it from renewing it. To place a hold, open the library's catalog by visiting, locate the item that you need that is currently checked out, then click the button in the upper right of the screen that says "Place Hold." 

"Place Hold" button in its natural element

You will then be asked to sign-in using your Student ID and library password. Unfortunately this is one of the few passwords at Jessup that is different than your email/Moodle/Discovery password. This is the password we gave you at the time you first checked out books from the library. If you can't remember the password, please contact the library staff at 916-577-2288.

Catalog Log-In

When the item is returned, you will be contacted via the email address you provided, and you will have one week to pick it up before it is placed back into the regular library collection. Please note that we do not hold books that are available on our shelves—all checked-in books are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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