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Update #5 Czech Team

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Monday was a rest day from our long weekend retreat. We started the day a bit later and then did a scavenger hunt to explore Prague and test our abilities in navigating the public transportation. We visited the Charles bridge, the Prague castle, Saint Vitus cathedral, and other Prague gems.

On Tuesday, we had a normal work day until the afternoon; we then visited a jr. high school where we taught three different English classes. This time mostly involved playing games, laughing with the kids, reading books, and plugging the library. We had Mexican food that night.

Wednesday was our last official day of library work. A few of the guys, and Abby, did some heavy lifting to clear up space at the new location. Everybody else scrambled to get as much library work done, while our services were still available. A man helping the moving crew dropped a dresser on Spencer’s already-injured toe. Jon finished updating the computers. We celebrated by returning to the delicious burger place, “dish”, for dinner. Going to sleep was hard this night, the end of our trip became more real, and “team time” felt more like “old friend time”.

Thursday was debrief day.  It started with waffles and ended with tears.

To start the day, Spencer, Jon, and Caleb were locked out in the cold while other people enjoyed waffles…. the great waffle drought of 2019 began at 9:12 and ended at 9:35.

After breakfast, the team went to the outdoor market to buy souvenirs for the people reading this update blog.

After that, we visited a cathedral/museum highlighting the life and accomplishments of Jon Huss, a czech theologian with an amazing history. This educational field trip was followed by lunch and a second visit the the Prague Castle — this time we climbed to the top of the cathedral. It was beautiful.

We ate some crepes, sipped some coffee, and began our debrief of the trip.

After about two hours, met up with our fieldworkers for a delicious dinner on the river (literally on a boat in the river.)

We visited the old town square and had gelato for the last time.

The night ended at 2:00am after the team shared some tears and memories in an “encouragement circle.”

Waking up is gonna be the worst, but we can’t wait to see you!

Update #4 Czech Team

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Hello friends and family!!!

       Wow this busy weekend has been a whirlwind of fun, excitement, and lots of cute kids. We are all definitely tired but refreshed and ready to get back to work in the library.

      On Friday morning our team did various cleaning tasks around the library such as cleaning shelves, mopping floors, and scrubing windows. In the afternoon,  Abby went with Laurie, one of our fieldworkers, to take Sarah, the golden retriever, to a dog sitter in a nearby town.
After finishing the work at the library, our team took at a train ride out of the city to a retreat center with the International Church of Prauge, where we would be running the kids camp. When we arrived, we ate dinner, listened to a short message, had worship time, and played board games.

      Saturday was the main and longest day! We had breakfast as a team and then took care of the kids from 9am to noon. We sang songs, played games (inside and outside), made arts and crafts, etc. After lunch we had an afternoon session with the kids again about the same lenght of time. During freetime for everyone in late afternoon, we lead games for all who were involved in the retreat. We also, to Emily’s delight, played a few games of ultimate frisbee! The evening consisted of a talent show that the church put on. Jon peformed by telling computer jokes while Taylor accompanied him on the guitar. It was amazing! Abby and Spencer were called up multiple times to participate in other acts. After the talent show, the whole church group and the Jessup team participated in line dancing!  The night ended with s’mores. All in all it was a beautiful day!  

      Sunday morning we packed up, had breakfast, and then headed outside to play a few more games with the kids while the adults finished their last session. Around 11:30am we joined everyone inside and ate a delicious lunch together. After lunch we headed back to Prague aka the library. We took a few hours to unpack and rest before we headed out for dinner. We had a fantastic dinner with Meredith, the children’s program coordinator for the library (and our new friend). The night ended with a refreshing time of team debrief and prayer.

    As a team, we couldn’t be more thankful for our weekend, each other, all our friends and family, and this amazing opportunity to love on others! Please keep us and our health in your prayers! 
We love you! Peace out. 

– From Emily, Abby, and the rest of the team

Update #3 Czech Team

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Hey Friends and Family

Tuesday we spent most of our time working in the library, most of us did the same jobs as Monday. However Spencer and Garrett painted door frames and rails, as well as other random jobs. Abby moved to inventory so Emily joined Savannah on processing.

After work on Tuesday, we decided to go to a pasta/pizza place. Taylor and I (Caleb) realized it was part of the same chain of ones we had gone to for our go trips to Romania, so that was really cool.

After dinner we played some board games mostly the dice game Bang. Abby continued her streak of wins bringing it up to 7 in a row. After that we called it a night.

Wednesday we were back to work in the Library:
Abby: finished inventory with Savannah, walked the Barnes dog Sarah, and did some library cleaning and upkeep, including shelf reading.
Emily: worked a lot in the kids programs making play-dough and reading to kids, she also did some shelf reading.
Jon: continued to work on the library computers, installing things and moving information to new drives.
Taylor: went through files getting rid of some excess paper and converting them to digital copies.
Savannah: continued processing books, helped Abby finish some inventorying of the children’s craft supplies and did some shelf reading.
Garret and Spencer painted and moved things around, Spencer had a plank fall onto his toe and is sadly still in pain.
And I (Caleb) continued to catalog children’s books and did some dvd cleaning.

After work we had pizza and went to get gelato, both tasted really good. After this we took a short walk to Prague Castle took a couple of rainy photos.

After this we played more of Bang and finally ended Abby’s winning streak.

So far today (Thursday) we have spent the morning doing library work, and later this afternoon we will be going on a prayer walk around the city. Then going out to get Czech food. ☺️

Thank you guys for your prayers and support. We appreciate it.

Update #2 Czech

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Hey friends and family,

We arrived in Czech on Saturday night after barely making our connecting flight. (We had to run, but we made it!)

Our fieldworkers were waiting for us at the airport — hugs ready — then we all took public transportation to our apartments.

On Sunday, we went to the international church of Prague, where we were introduced to the people we’d be serving at an upcoming retreat. We had coffee and cookies, mingled for a bit, then packed up and went to lunch. We had a brief orientation about Prague and transportation but overall, Sunday was a pretty chill day.

Monday was our first day of service. We started the day with orientation where we learned about the history and spiritual evolution of Prague, as well as many of the things the library has accomplished over the years. We were also educated on all the ways we would be serving and supporting the library over the next two weeks.

We all had different jobs, Caleb cataloged, Savannah and Abby processed books, Emily helped with the children’s ministry, Spencer and Garrett did a lot of much needed grunt work and organization, Taylor converted a lot of old sermons and lectures from cassettes to digital files, and John put a lot of work into fixing their computers and installing a scanning system.

After work, we went on a quest to find food. John and Taylor led us to a delicious burger joint called “dish”. It was stupid good.

We got some some coffee then came back to the apartment to unwind for a bit and debrief. We played a few board games then went to bed. (Apparently the girls stayed up much longer than the guys)

Spencer and the Team!