Update #9 Southeast Asia

By June 6, 2019Southeast Asia

Everyday here has been spectacular, especially because of this amazing organization we are partnered with. This morning started out with our usual rooftop breakfast before heading to AIM. We led our two Bible studies for the disciples, and for one of the sessions, we sang a worship song called ‘Nothing I Hold Onto’ that they all loved and asked if they could look it up on YouTube. We had a cool opportunity to listen to a man named Floyd who is in charge of the reintegration program. This aspect of AIM teaches women how to be self-sustainable and how to be successful out in the world and not fall back into their old lifestyle. We had an interesting lunch involving pig liver… so we were a bit hungrier than normal tonight. After lunch we were able to pick up the kids from the brick yards and bring them to Kid’s club to keep teaching them about the story of Noah and the Ark. We finished up the day with soccer and volleyball with the disciples. It is starting to hit us that we only have one more day at AIM and it is making our hearts heavy, but we are going to make the most of it!

Thanks for reading!

-Morgan and Kacey