Update #8 Southeast Asia

By June 4, 2019Southeast Asia

Excited to tell you about our awesome day today! We are getting into the swing of kids camp and leading the small groups for the disciples. We started out our morning with some amazing time with both the leader and young disciples, which are men and women from AIM who have decided to follow Jesus and now they are taking leadership positions within the church and community. It has been such a neat opportunity to begin building relationships with the disciples and hearing their heart for Jesus and this nation. Many of them want to do amazing things in the community such as be a pastor or a teacher. Then, we got a virtual tour of the restoration home which houses girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking. Being able to see the amazing facility and talk about what AIM is doing to bring life back to these girls was very impactful. Next, we headed out for lunch and again were able to build relationships with the amazing people. After lunch many of us went to the neighboring coffee house and got to met the amazing owner names Ton, she taught us Khmer and made us AMAZING coffee.Transitioning into our time at kids club, Rose blew our socks off with her amazing acting out of the building of the arch story. The kids love to be cuddled, held, and high fived. All of us are being so filled up when we get to spend time with the kiddos and are already falling in love with each of their unique personalities. After finishing up kids club we went over to a soccer and volleyball court to play with the disciples. Even though it was hot and we were in danger of our cankles coming back, we went all out! It was a great experience that connected us more with the disciples even with the language barrier. We finished up our night with some explosive team time talking through our day, that ended in sore stomachs from laughing so hard.
Thank you so much for all of your guys support and prayers. We are so enjoying our time here! Please continue to pray for health, unity, and energy as we finish up our last few days in South East Asia. 🙂

Love, Bethany and Makenna

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  • Trena Lewis says:

    Love reading the updates!!! Sounds amazing and impactful for you as a group and for the community you are touching. Praying continually for you all!! ❤️
    Trena and family

  • Rhonda says:

    You guys rock!!!! Thank you for posting these blogs! Praying for continued energy and strength! God’s blessing your way!!!