Update #6 Eastern Europe

By June 6, 2019Eastern Europe

Since our arrival, this last week has been smoother then the previous. Deeper connections are being made with the kids. As we have established these connections we are able to go a little deeper in sharing the Gospel with them. It’s crazy to think that they’ve never heard of it, so we had to start from the very beginning. To see the wheels turning inside their heads brought a feeling like never before. The kids are asking questions and continue to want to know more and more in our discussions. 

It has been very warm here so we have been able to take the kids outside and play fun games with them at a nearby park. It is amazing to see the smile on their face as they blow bubbles, kick a soccer ball back and forth or play tag. These kids don’t get to go outside very much, so this is a treat. They’re very grateful that we can take them outside. This is just one of the ways we have continued to make connections. All of the kids will come and greet us even before we get to the room. They’re faces light up when we get there. You can tell they’re getting more and more comfortable around us. 

However, Satan has come in this week by making some of us sick, tired and weak. We have had to remind ourselves again and again that our focus is not about ourselves but what God is doing in the lives of the children and for us. Even though we are tired and homesick, we can’t believe the impact these kids already have on us. 

As our time here comes to a close, it is becoming difficult to have to say goodbye. These kids have not had the best lives, but knowing that what we have done for them has planted a seed in their hearts. These kids have no idea how much of an impact they have made in each of our lives. They have given us more then they know. Even though life is hard they still find joy and hope in their lives. It has been absolutely amazing working with these kids and we pray that God continues to work in their lives. 

Maleah and Alex