Update #4 Southeast Asia

By May 31, 2019Southeast Asia

After a fun week full of paint-covered clothes and inside jokes at AIM, today was our first day to explore this beautiful country and embrace the culture around us.

This morning after breakfast, Makenna led us in a wonderful time of devotions, where we challenged each other to be vulnerable and let go of the struggles or objects that we have been holding on to. We each shared prayer requests about this trip and our lives back home, and with a new level of closeness in our team, we headed out for the day.

We went back to Brown Coffee Shop for our caffeine fix for the day, then headed to the AIM shop, where we bought clothes designed, manufactured, and sold by women who had been freed from sex trafficking. It was so great to know we were buying beautiful items while also supporting an AIM-azing ministry!

For lunch we went to Century 9, a restaurant that is part of a ministry targeted towards ending sex trafficking through evangelizing to the men who go to brothels and keep the trafficking business alive. We got to finally have big, juicy burgers (probably not the best to have for these cankles), and these Americans couldn’t be happier!

After our YUMMY lunch, we went to one of Cambodia’s markets called the “Russian Market” with one of the locals we met at AIM! I am definitely not one for tight spaces, especially when it is HOT and STUFFY, but it was so amazing to get a taste of the Cambodian culture.  We walked around the market, bargained for cool souvenirs, and even smelt some crazy durian, and let me just tell you, it smelt like sweaty socks (but it’s all good)!

After the market, we went back to the hotel and prepped for the next week here in Cambodia.  We will be doing Kids Club, and so we as a team organized the crafts for each of the days.

After prepping the crafts for Kids Club, we went to have some yummy dinner at a restaurant called Titanic, which is right on the water, and it was such a beautiful view.  

Right after dinner we had some delicious gelato, headed back to our hotel to debrief, and went straight to bed because we definitely felt that jet lag today.  Overall, it was definitely a day filled with new experiences!

— Amanda and Kay

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  • Peggy Cordeiro says:

    Another wonderful update!! It is so good to hear about the many experiences you are having there. The pictures are especially nice as well….keep ’em coming. It all gives us who are praying for you at home a bit of insight into what it is like there. .

  • Rhonda Buhay says:

    I’m glad you and your team are having fun and experiencing new things! I’ve been praying for all of you.