Update #4 Kenya Team

By May 30, 2019Kenya

Today is our last day at Kimbilio and doing VBS with the kids. We spent the first part of the day with the guests at Kimbilio. We played with some of the kids on the deck and sat with few who weren’t able to leave their rooms.  Some guests were sitting in the courtyard enjoying the beautiful weather so we sat and enjoyed it with them. Cory even got to help with yard work! Our last tea time was bittersweet. It’s always tea time in Kenya though Haha. The afternoon ended with a wonderful goodbye from the staff. They gifted us with beautiful skirts, necklaces and bracelets. We prayed together and bid farewell to the staff and guests. 

Our last day of VBS was so wonderful! The last fruit of the spirit was patience and self-control. We taught the children how to make paper airplanes. Which was a first for them. We played red light green light and red rover. So much fun! It is so obvious that God is truly moving here in Kenya. You can feel him in every bit of this place. 
The Kenyans have taught us that love is beyond language. We can share in each other’s love without having to speak a word. It is in our connection, our presence, and stillness. It is one thing to read about being the hands and feet of Jesus but they have shown us what it really looks like to show sacrificial love. God is here, there are no other words to describe it.