Update #3 Southeast Asia

By May 30, 2019Southeast Asia

Hi family and friends, it’s Kacey and Morgan here writing from our hotel room in Phnom Penh!

Yesterday was another hot and humid day, but it was filled with laughs, hard work, and growth. We were able to continue painting the transition home for trafficking survivors over the age of 20. It is such a blessing to be able to add life to that home just by adding coats of paint to the walls. The help of the disciples is assuring us that what we are doing is kingdom work, even in the moments we want to take breaks. They brought us the yummiest bottles of Coca Cola, a universal symbol of friendship. We have loved getting to know the disciples and hope to further our relationship with them and get to know their stories. After making great progress on the home, we headed back to our hotel after a sweaty work day. We got to check out the AIM shop which is conveniently right around the corner from our hotel.

Today was filled with lots of coffee, new inside jokes, and high fives from the little kiddos. After breakfast we checked out a super bougie coffee shop before heading over to AIM. Today was our final day to work on our painting project of the transition home and we totally crushed it! But more than that, we were able to grow in community with each other, the disciples, and the young people of AIM. One of the greatest parts about today was praying over the home as a team. We placed our hands on the walls and prayed over the home, the women who live there, and anyone in the future that will call it home. It helped remind us of why we are here and who we are doing this for. After this sweet moment we got back to work and had a blast doing it. We blasted some worship jams and finished painting the entire house! We walked back over to the church where Kids Club was taking place, and the kids came over to us and showed us their crafts that they had so much pride in. We are so excited to work with them next week and teach them all about Jesus and how much they are loved. Most of these kids are from the Brick Factories, so they are living lives of extreme poverty, but AIM is a safe place for them to be kids while also learning about the plan God has for their lives. To conclude our day, and this week at AIM, we went to another boujee coffee shop. We had a nice debrief on the rooftop, and we all realized how much progress we have made the past three days, not only with our project, but also with building individual relationships with each other and all the staff at AIM. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant and we all overloaded on carbs. Good news, our cankles are now back to ankles!!

Thank you to everyone back home supporting us. Please continue praying for health, energy, and for God to work through us in everything we say and do. We are falling in love with this special place and are so excited to continue experiencing this culture.


Kacey and Morgan

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  • Karen Dabel says:

    So proud of you all but I am partial to Morgan! Wonderful work you are doing. Keep it up and you have my prayers

  • Jerod Pivin says:

    You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • Peggy Cordeiro says:

    Thank you for this informative update. Prayers continue for each of you, for the work you are doing and the lives you touch.