Update #2 Southeast Asia

We woke up and a had a stealer breakfast at our hotel on the rooftop! After getting all nourished up, we went to the AIM headquarters. After driving through the crazy streets alongside a few cows we arrived. We had a debriefing on AIM’s mission and the history behind the organization. After we got to see all of their different ministries that are run, like the school, the church, the rehabilitation home, and the Lord’s gym. It was amazing seeing all the redeemed buildings as they call them because they all started out as brothels or had been built with the intention of being brothels instead they are now being used to spread the love of Jesus Christ. Next, we dived into painting the rehabilitation home. We all have never sweat so much in our lives, but loved getting to serve alongside each other while rocking out to some fun tunes. It started pouring so it was a cool opportunity to dance in the rain and share a few laughs. Finally, we came back to our hotel, had some dinner, and are about to hit the hay!

So far this has been an amazing experience and we can see God’s hand in this community and it is amazing that we can  play a special part in that. We are excited to see what God will continue to do in and through us. Please continue to pray for our team that we could serve the people of AIM and the community well, that we would work together well, and that Satan would not get us discouraged. We love you all and thank you so much for your support!

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  • Peggy Cordeiro says:

    Thank you for these updates and pictures. It is a blessing to hear what you are doing and to see you all safe and happy. Prayers continue for God to continue using this group to bless many. Thank you all for your willingness to serve in this way.

  • John says:

    Praying the team will be able to do all God has planned for them!

  • Sharon Mandon says:

    Love the photos! I walked around WJU yesterday and prayed for all of you amazing ladies – and one awesome dude! Praying for unity and joy as you serve in whatever God has planned! 🙂