Update #3 L.A. Team

By May 22, 2019L.A.

Hello Friends and Family!!

We have had fun road tripping and exploring some of the area on the first two days. Through those days we grew closer as a team. A turning point that was full of reflection and preparing my heart for our time at the Mission was when we explored the LA Arboretum. After the time there, I feel like everyone was more refreshed as well as centered with God and I personally felt a lot closer to my team.

Since being at the Mission we have had quite full days. Yesterday, we were going from 5 am for breakfast until about 11 PM when our day debriefing ended. I love that through this time it is not constantly doing work but also building relationships with those who are here. They have incredible stories as well as advice to give.

Staying on the roof has definitely been an experience. PC had a broken tent and the wind knocked our girls tent over. It is beautiful up here though (where I currently am while writing this). You can see an incredible sky line, though just below it you see the reality of brokenness.

We appreciate all the prayers and thoughts! Please continue to send them our way, especially to feel rested and refreshed each day, throughout the day. God is truly a faithful God and there has been no lack of witnessing that this week. We only have a short time left here, so I also ask you pray that we soak it in and be fully present in the here and now. (Also, I ask that you don’t be too mad if we don’t answer a text or call as we try to be fully present.)

Thank you all! -Bristol

P.s. Mom, if you wanna send me money for all the coffee stops we are making due to truly experiencing the area (and mostly PC’s need for it) that would be great. Thanks!

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