Update #2 Kenya Team

By May 24, 2019Kenya

Our first full day at kimbilio hospice we received the warmest welcome as we walked up. We were greeted with a song, flowers,  prayer and ribbon cutting.  We planted a fruit tree to honor our visit as well. We took a tour of the entire 13-acre property. They have a hospice, morgue, funeral home, and sustainable farming areas on site. They grow local greens, kale, beans,  sugar cane, and all sorts of fruits. We were introduced to all of the guests and spent the rest of the afternoon spending time with the kiddos there. Life here is different. It’s much more simple and so carefree. The Kenyan people are present in every moment.

God has been teaching us to be present in every moment as well and how to really make him the center of our lives.   God is also showing us the importance of people-everyone matters. God has also softened our hearts to see familiar things in a different way; areas where we never saw ourselves serving have been opened. The food has also been amazing. We’ve stuffed ourselves a couple of times lol. Fighting a bit of jetlag still but getting used to all of the new sounds when we when sleep. Everyone has been so welcoming though. Oh, what a great experience so far!