Update #1 Southeast Asia

By May 26, 2019Southeast Asia

This fun loving team made it safely with all of their bags and everything! They are headed to the hotel to rest and they will start early tomorrow with work and fun!.

Update :

We have made it to South East Asia safe and sound. The flights went smoothly and our connection was easy! We arrived at Cambodia Monday morning bags and all.  We got picked up by our amazing bus driver Mr. T at the airport and were brought to our hotel. After getting settled in, we ventured out for our first meal and loved the restaurant that we ate at. Getting back to the hotel we finished up some of the team members testimonies and got to pray over our time here in South East Asia as a team.  After that, we realized it was still only about 2pm and we had to stay up until at least 7. So we played some games in hope of not falling asleep and had a great time together. Finally, we went to dinner and could barely keep our eyes open before getting home to crawl into bed.

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