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An Intergenerational Community of Christ-Honoring Women

Refined exists to equip women to serve on campus, in their churches and throughout their communities through relevant education seminars, service projects, and discipleship opportunities.


Committed to lifelong learning.


Committed to caring for others.


Committed to the next generation.

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Thoughts from the intergenerational community of Christ-honoring women at Jessup.


Thoughts from the intergenerational community of Christ-honoring women at Jessup.

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“Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.” Psalm 25:5

Membership Levels

One of our pillars, Inspire, explains how we are committed to investing in the next generation. We do this through investing both spiritually and financially in the lives of our female students through intentional discipleship and scholarship based support. Our vision is to provide scholarships for young women who are deeply committed to the Lord to become lifelong learners, world changers, and difference makers.

These membership levels are thoughtfully created to encourage women to give where they are able, and as they feel led. Every gift allows Refined to do as our mission states and inspire the next generation of young female leaders at William Jessup University. Will you prayerfully consider joining us?

Membership Benefits

  • New partner welcome packet with appreciation gift.
  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Discounts to all annual Refined events and opportunities to volunteer together on campus and in the greater community.

$100/Mo or $1200/Yr

Provides 1 Scholarship*

$60/Mo or $720/Yr

Provides books for the year*

$30/Mo or $360/Yr

Provides a 1 unit class*

Other Amount

Give a gift of any amount to help provide scholarships for Jessup students.

*Note: Any 1 time gift of $500 or more will have 10% directed to the “We Called Her Blessed” Endowment honoring the legacy and life of Leta Myers, a woman who fiercely loved Jesus and showed his love to all. This endowment provides scholarships for Jessup students.

We Called Her “Blessed”

It began as a sort of inside joke, and we literally called her ‘Blessed’. Our youngest sister was probably a teen when we first called our mother ‘Blessed’, with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks. We all shared in the joke and continued the practice through our adulthood.

What was it about Mom that made her blessed to us? It was her strength. Not a brash, in-your-face bravado, but a quiet strength in the face of adversity. Her life was far from easy. She experienced neglect and abandonment at an early  age, then married a preacher. Not an easy life. You are constantly being observed, often criticized or hurt by the thoughtless acts of others. Leta experienced abuse, gossip and even ridicule. She faced tragedy in childbirth and difficulties throughout her adult life. Nevertheless, she persevered with love and courage, often taking in children who needed care and sharing her love for Christ with everyone. She truly “turned the other cheek”, and then looked for ways to love those who treated her unkindly.

As children, we were often naively unaware of her struggles. She focused on the positive side of life and continually lifted the spirits of those around her.

Leta openly shared her faith with her children daily. She prayed with us, read scripture to us, and sang with us. As we were running out the door to school, she was handing us a breakfast bar and a Proverb.

Let had a wonderful sense of humor and she passed it down to us. She made life with her fun. She made chores fun. She made church fun, and she was funny. With her red hair and her lilting laugh, she could break up any room right alongside ‘Lucy’. It was like we could have had our own show, “I Love Leta”.

And we do love her dearly. She could always be counted on to be there. When we ran in from school, she couldn’t wait to take us in her arms and then listen intently as we rambled on about our day. But it was her unwavering faith in God that affected each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so profoundly. Whatever questions we had or shared concerns her answers were always based on the life of Jesus.

It was Leta’s love for Christ that she shared so freely with everyone. She truly lived love each day and all of those that were touched by her were changed for good. In fact, her family has inherited that strong desire to share God’s love with others. And not only her family, but many who attended her children’s church or ladies Bible studies or teens who benefited from her counseling can point to her as someone who was an example of what it means to follow Christ.

No wonder we called her “Blessed”.

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