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Bachelor of Arts

Youth Ministry

Program Overview

The vision of the Youth Ministry program is to reach the next generation by preparing students to evangelize and disciple youth and their families. The mission of the Youth Ministry program is to creatively prepare students to be dynamic leaders and facilitators that inspire youth to the Christian life.

Program Details

  • Demonstrate Christian leadership and professional competence.
  • Communicate a Christian worldview within a biblical context in a global society.
  • Integrate current youth ministry theory and adolescent faith development.
  • Church Ministry
  • Non-profit and Para-church Organizations
  • Human/Social Services
  • Education
  • Volunteer Ministry
  • Publishing
  • Camp Ministry
  • Inner City Ministry
  • Corrections/Probation

YMIN100 Foundations of Youth Ministry

An introduction to the field of study in ministry to adolescents. Students develop a biblical philosophy of ministry. Emphasis is given to the private and the professional aspects of this specific profession. Private issues include spiritual disciplines, health, family relationships, and personality type. Professional issues center on ethics, integrity, job skills, and leadership styles. An examination of contemporary career opportunities for church and parachurch ministries is included along with the tools to begin developing a philosophy of youth ministry.

3 units

YMIN175 Youth Ministry Skills

Youth Ministry Skills is a practical class covering the most basic programming that makes up a successful ministry to adolescents.  These skills include, but are not limited to, time management, organizing a ministry calendar, designing and running camps and retreats, publicity and promotion, involvement with missions and service projects, evangelism to youth, creating budgets, developing student leaders, understanding and using technology, and more. A retreat planned by and for the students of the class culminates the learning experience.

3 units

YMIN283 Youth Culture, Trends, and Issues

A study of the social and cultural forces shaping the experience of adolescence in contemporary America. Students learn to evaluate individual elements of youth culture, analyze the cultural systems that shape young people, and develop effective strategies for cultural engagement. Emphasis is given to understanding the variety of current family structures and the development of enrichment programs designed to strengthen and equip families.

3 units

YMIN391 Teaching and Speaking to Youth

This course equips students to teach lessons from the Bible, use and/or develop curriculum, understand the “scope and sequence” of teaching, and practice speaking in different ministry settings. Attention is given to enhancing the creative process, understanding the faith development of teenagers, and leading small groups effectively.

3 units

YMIN426 Counseling Youth

This course provides an exploration of strategies and techniques for counseling adolescents. The class examines the needs and problems of normal and troubled adolescents including self‐image, sexuality, eating disorders, suicide, and depression. Attention is given to recognizing warning signs and understanding the referral process.

3 units

YMIN475 Youth Ministry Mentorship

This is a supervised training experience in a local church, parachurch, or appropriate ministry setting. Students practice and sharpen performance skills in a ministry setting; understand leadership skills as a result of working alongside an experienced, qualified field supervisor; and integrate their WJU education with a larger picture of ministry through opportunities to participate in planning, organizing and administering a program that ministers to adolescents. One unit of mentorship equals three hours work per week in the ministry.

3 units

YMIN498 Youth Ministry Capstone

The initial part of this class focuses on retracing what has been learned in the youth ministry major and completing a summative “philosophy of youth ministry” paper which was started in YMIN100 Foundations of Youth Ministry. The remainder of the semester focuses on choosing an area of interest in working with teenagers and going deeper into research, ultimately creating a new approach to a discovered problem. A final presentation accompanies the research paper.

3 units

LDRS105 Introduction to Leadership

This course addresses the fundamental question: What is leadership? It then provides a strong biblical foundation and perspective for leadership, examines some of the spiritual dimensions of leadership, and explores and applies three particular models of leadership (authentic, transformational, and servant).

3 units

LDRS210 Self‐Leadership

This course delves into the interior life of the leader. It examines the emotional,social, and spiritual life of the leader, giving attention to pathways towards an integrated inner‐life. It also analyzes the role of emotional quotient (EQ) in leadership and ways to develop strength in this area.

3 units

NT210 Acts

A comprehensive study of the Acts of the Apostles from historical, theological, missiological, and literary perspectives.  The course considers the importance of Acts for our understanding of early Christianity and integrates the careers, message, and theology of the apostles with the rest of the New Testament.

3 units

NT311 Pastoral Epistles

An examination of I and II Timothy and Titus with an emphasis on ministry in the life of the early church and the disciplines of being church in society.

3 units

Christian Leadership 9 Units

Choose any 3
Leading Others (LDRS320)      3
Leading in Organizations (LDRS342)      3
Innovation and Leadership (LDRS470)      3
Leadership in Global Society (ORLD430)      3

9 units

Counseling 9 Units

Developmental Psychology (PSYC141)      3
Marriage and Family (PSYC200)      3
Psychology of Relationships (PSYC230)      3
Human Sexuality (PSYC333)      3
Child and Adolescent Psychology (PSYC342) 3
Abnormal Psychology (PSYC351) 3
Psychology of Addiction (PSYC352) 3

9 units

Family and Children’s Ministry

Choose any 3
Spiritual Development of Children (CEDU321)      3
Family Ministry (CEDU337)      3
Teaching for Spiritual Growth (CEDU351)      3
Christian Formation and Discipleship (CEDU472)      3
Developmental Psychology (PSYC141) 3

3 units

Intercultural Studies

Choose any 3
Introduction to Mission (ICS103)      3
Cultural Anthropology (ICS202)      3
Church: Nature, Growth, Reproduction (ICS304)      3
Intercultural Communication (ICS310)      3
World Religions (ICS320) 3

9 units

Pastoral Ministry

Choose any 3
New Testament Exposition (BIBL350)      3
Strategic Communication (PMIN322)      3
Pastor as Leader (PMIN380)      3
Evangelism and Church Growth (PMIN410)      3
Pastoral Care and Counseling (PMIN423) 3

9 units
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Bachelor of Arts

BA in Youth Ministry


Christian Leadership
Family and Children’s Ministry
Intercultural Studies
Pastoral Ministry


Youth Ministry Minor

Program Advisor

Fritz Moga, MA

Lead Faculty, Youth Ministry | Associate Professor, Youth Ministry

Faculty & Staff

Daniel Gluck, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Christian Leadership | Associate Professor, Christian Leadership

David Timms, Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Theology | School of Christian Leadership Professor, New Testament

Fritz T. Moga, M.A.

Lead Faculty, Youth Ministry | Associate Professor, Youth Ministry

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