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Bachelor of Arts

Visual & Fine Arts

Program Overview

The emergent trend in artistic professions is excellence across multiple disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Fine Arts positions our students to meet the demands of the professional needs of the art world. This multidisciplinary exploration of creativity is a synergistic fusion of analog and digital arts. You will immerse yourself in the business of visual artistry and discover the importance of these disciplines in the context of your faith and calling. The ultimate goal of the program is to produce highly employable, Christian leaders and entrepreneurs capable of vast, positive influence within the areas of the arts, entertainment, and media. Visit William Jessup University and experience this innovative multi-disciplinary approach to artistry.

Program Details

The nature and purpose of the arts at William Jessup University is to illuminate truth about the human condition. Tell redemptive, transformative, and transpirational stories that examine our relationship with God and one another. Our goal is to bring beauty into a fallen world, serve the world through sacrifice of one’s own talents toward the betterment of society and culture while creating an authentic community of diverse individuals that join together for a common purpose. We invest in imagination, hope, and healing through the power of creation and the creative spirit.

ART103 Color Theory

Basic principles and properties of color. Study of the physics of light and color; physiology of color vision; psychological and compositional effects of color use; cultural interpretations and traditions; history of color theory and its impact on art and design.

3 units

ART105 Drawing I

This foundational course will give students the techniques and tools to approach this traditionally black and white visual medium. Students will work on a variety of subject matter as they explore the world of drawing and much of what encompasses that world.

3 units

ART107 Introduction to Digital Art

This course is designed to teach students the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This course must be taken in order to advance to any other digital imaging courses.

3 units

ART174. Practicum in Visual and Fine Arts

This course is intended to give students hands‐on experience with art. Students are required to spend a minimum of 30 hours a semester creating art; a minimum of 10 hours a semester serving on campus; and a minimum of 10 hours a semester planning, setting up, participating in, and tearing down the art show.

3 units

ART201 Art Criticism and Analysis

This course is designed to increase the student’s aptitude for understanding art from a philosophical, historical, cultural, visual and social perspective. Studying specific art pieces throughout history, the student will discuss not only the form of great works of art but also the content. Expanding aesthetic discussions concerning the visual arts specifically, students will gain understanding of the values behind art that made the pieces emblematic of their genre and time period.

3 units

ART310 Visual Communications

Students build an understanding of what goes into being a concise, clear communicator. Students will explore visual theories of communications and key elements and principles of design with an emphasis on color, typography, and layout. In this pathway, you will learn how to analyze a visual design and will understand the role that visual designs play in today’s society.

3 units

ART335 Web Design and Presence

This course applies the elements of design into a web‐based medium and then prepares a student to use those elements to create an online presence. Students will learn how to design and create compelling web pages and explore how to market themselves in the online world. They will learn the design tools and coding necessary to create a strategic and visually captivating web presence.

3 units

ART475 Visual and Fine Arts Internship

A student will begin an Internship with an arts organization for the purpose of practical, professional experience in their chosen field. Students must adhere to the rules and regulations put forth by the Department of Creative Arts and their advisor concerning internships in order to receive credit for the internship.

3 units

CART101 The Creative Christian

The Creative Christian is the cornerstone to a performing or visual arts student’s education. Within this course, the student will learn about the nature and purpose of art viewed through a Judeo‐Christian lens. They will discover how this knowledge can guide their aesthetic comprehension as they observe, create, and support art and artists. Using both the Bible and other powerful literature derived from some of the great aestheticians of our time, the student will be able to approach art with a newly developed critical eye to guide them through the rest of their study in the creative arts.

3 units

CART315 Entrepreneurship in the Arts

This course introduces students to the basic components of an entrepreneurial lifestyle in the arts through a Christian perspective for those interested in starting an arts business. Students explore fundamental issues arts entrepreneurs encounter and how they can be addressed before the startup process reaches the launch cycle.

3 units

CART498 Applied Aesthetics

This course is the capstone to the BACA student’s experience at Jessup. This course will revisit some of the aesthetic arguments and discussions brought forth during a student’s tenure at Jessup. The student will go deeper into the discussion of aesthetics and how aesthetics can be applied to artistic practice. The purpose of the course is to provide students a critical and moral compass in which they can approach their work as well as other work in the professional arts field of their choosing. It is the hope that this course will frame out a sense of purpose and a plan for the student to aid in the redemption of culture through personal engagement of the arts.

3 units

Cinematography/Video (15 units)

Video I (ART311) 3
Lighting (ART315) 3
Video II (ART411) 3
Visual and Fine Arts electives (choose two upper division courses) 6

15 units

Fine Arts (15 units)

Two‐Dimensional Design (ART351) 3
Digital Painting (ART353) 3
Watercolor I (ART355) 3
Visual and Fine Arts electives (choose two upper division courses) 6

15 units

Graphic Design (15 units)

Graphic Design I (ART331) 3
Typography (ART333) 3
Graphic Design II (ART431) 3
Visual and Fine Arts electives (choose two upper division courses) 6

15 units

Photography (15 units)

Lighting (ART315) 3
Photography I (ART321) 3
Photography II (ART421) 3
Visual and Fine Arts electives (choose two upper division courses) 6

15 units
  • An informed Christian aesthetic and possess the ability to apply their aesthetic to various art forms and artistic media.
  • An increased knowledge of the history of the arts and/or specific media and practices.
  • The ability to effectively analyze art forms from an informed artistic sensibility as viewed through the lens of a Judeo-Christian worldview.
  • Cultivated technical skill sets in various artistic areas.
  • Acquisition of a broad knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of music literature through study and performance.
  • The ability to effectively serve the church and/or the community through practicing his or her art form.
  • Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Web Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Animation
  • Video Games Artist
  • Art critic
  • Creative Arts Pastor
  • Design Strategist
  • Visual Communications
  • Web Marketer
  • Gallery Curator
  • Exhibit Designer
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Bachelor of Arts

BA in Visual & Fine Arts


Fine Arts
Game Design
Graphic Design


Visual & Fine Arts Minor

Program Advisor

Marc Robertson

Lead Faculty of Creative Arts

Faculty & Staff

Marc Robertson

Lead Faculty of Visual & Fine Arts

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