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Bachelor of Arts


Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology provides students with a strong biblical and theological foundation for knowing God and making Him known in this world. The degree introduces students to historical, comparative, contemporary, and practical theologies, emphasizing both the historical unity and global diversity of the Church. Students also learn to biblically evaluate, creatively articulate, and practically apply doctrine, in order to faithfully participate in God’s drama of redemption.

Program Details

THEO301 Historical Theology

Using the Apostles’ Creed as its framework, this course focuses on the historical development of Christian doctrine. Students learn to interpret the formulation of core doctrines in their historical contexts and the way these doctrines have been articulated by Christians over the centuries.

3 units

THEO325 Comparative Theology

Students will learn the history and distinctives of the three major traditions of Christianity: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. Students will compare and evaluate these systems and learn to appreciate, discuss, and debate theological systems and beliefs that differ from their own.

3 units

THEO425 Practical Theology

Theology is not simply a body of knowledge to be studied, but a way of thinking and living “in Christ” that is to be embodied through faithful participation in God’s drama of redemption. Students will apply theology to all aspects of life and evaluate and critique current ethical issues from a biblical perspective.

3 units

THEO452 Contemporary Theology

An introduction to the major trends in contemporary theological thought. The course will explore 20th and 21st century men, women, and movements including trends in liberation and contextualized theology.

3 units

THEO475 Theology and Spiritual Formation

Students will study the history of spiritual formation and analyze various formation models and methods (both ancient and contemporary) that have been practiced in the history of the church. Students will also practice some of these disciplines and develop a personalized vision for their own formation so that the whole person (both body and soul) is prepared for a life of knowing Christ and making Him known.

3 units

THEO478 Advanced Theology Seminar

In this colloquium‐style course, students and faculty read, discuss, debate, and critique current works in the field of theological studies. Students learn to critically read and respond to scholarly works and to do so in the context of an academic community.

3 units

THEO498 Theology Capstone

The capstone experience for the theology major guides students to synthesize and integrate all that they have learned in the educational journey. The class leads the student through developing a major theological thesis, discussions, research, and writing, leading to a final project presented and defended before the faculty and fellow students.

3 units

Greek OR Hebrew

Students will learn and develop foundational knowledge of Greek or Hebrew grammar, including phonology, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary development.

3 units

3 Upper Division Theology Electives

3 units
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one of the biblical languages (Greek or Hebrew).
  • Explain the major theological categories and traditions in light of the Scriptures.
  • Compare and contrast historical, contemporary, and global theologies.
  • Interpret current issues facing the world and the Church from a theological perspective.
  • Synthesize their theological studies with their personal spiritual formation.
  • Articulate the importance and relevance of strong thought-leadership for cultural change.
  • Academic Scholars
  • Theologians and Thought Leaders
  • University-level Faculty
  • Pastor-Teacher
  • Christian Writer
  • Christian School Teacher
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Bachelor of Arts

BA in Theology


Theology Minor

Program Advisor

Matthew Godshall, Ph.D

Lead Faculty, Theology | Associate Professor, Biblical Studies and Theology

Faculty & Staff

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Faculty of Theology | Associate Professor, Hebrew Bible & Archaeology

Daniel Gluck, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Christian Leadership | Associate Professor, Christian Leadership

David Timms, Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Theology | School of Christian Leadership Professor, New Testament

Elizabeth H. P. Backfish, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Faculty of Theology

Fritz T. Moga, M.A.

Lead Faculty, Youth Ministry | Associate Professor, Youth Ministry

Jim Crain, M.Div

Associate Professor, New Testament

Mark Moore, Ph.D

Auxiliary Faculty, New Testament and Theology

Matthew Godshall, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Theology | Associate Professor, Biblical Studies and Theology

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