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Bachelor of Arts

Christian Leadership

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership is a carefully sequenced degree designed to prepare students for foundational leadership in a range of life-settings, including the local church. This degree program provides a core curriculum in leadership and allows students to choose from a variety of ministry (and other) specializations.

Program Details

LDRS105 Introduction to Leadership

This course addresses the fundamental question: What is leadership? It then provides a strong biblical foundation and perspective for leadership, examines some of the spiritual dimensions of leadership, and explores and applies three particular models of leadership (authentic, transformational, and servant).

3 units

LDRS210 Self‐Leadership

This course delves into the interior life of the leader. It examines the emotional, social, and spiritual life of the leader, giving attention to pathways towards an integrated inner‐life. It also analyzes the role of emotional quotient (EQ) in leadership and ways to develop strength in this area.

3 units

LDRS320 Leading Others

This course examines mechanisms for effective team‐building, conflict management, and mentoring and developing others. It also explores the dynamics of healthy staff relationships, effective delegation, setting appropriate boundaries, and successful motivation of others.

3 units

LDRS342 Leading in Organizations

This course specifically addresses the complex issues of organizational development and organizational behavior. It guides students to understand the dynamics behind organizational life and health and examines the critical facets of strategic planning and tactical planning within an organization.

3 units

LDRS470 Innovation and Leadership

This course explores creativity and entrepreneurship in leadership. It also analyzes how to effectively initiate and lead change, catch and cast vision, and integrate feedback from others into the leadership journey. It also considers the important connections between personal creativity and spiritual sensitivity in the leadership experience.

3 units

LDRS475 Mentorship

This is a semester‐long experience (fall or spring). Students participate in an approved leadership environment over a 12‐week period (on‐campus or off‐campus). They receive on‐site mentoring every 14 days. On alternate weeks, they do peer and faculty mentoring in on‐campus groups. The mentorship allows students to practice the leadership skills and principles learned in the curriculum and specifically connects to the program outcomes.

3 units

LDRS498 Leadership Capstone

In the capstone, students produce documentation that demonstrates their achievement of each of the program learning outcomes. This includes artifacts, as well as a 20‐25 page paper that systematically addresses the program learning outcomes. A specific focus is placed on the issues of self‐awareness and self‐leadership.

3 units

ORLD430 Leadership in Global Society

This course places leadership within the context of globalization and the multicultural realities we face every day. Building on biblical principles, the course examines ways in which leaders can strengthen their cross‐cultural sensitivity and competency and respond to diversity and emerging global challenges.

3 units

Family and Children’s Ministry

Spiritual Development of Children (CEDU321) 3
Family Ministry (CEDU337) 3
Teaching for Spiritual Growth (CEDU351) 3
Christian Formation and Discipleship (CEDU472) 3
Developmental Psychology (PSYC141) 3
Electives (Choose one from the following) 3
Marriage and Family (PSYC200)
Human Sexuality (PSYC333)
Child and Adolescent Psychology (PSYC342)

18 units

Intercultural Studies Specialization

Introduction to Mission (ICS103) 3
Cultural Anthropology (ICS202) 3
Church: Nature, Growth, Reproduction (ICS304) 3
Intercultural Communication (ICS310) 3
World Religions (ICS320) 3
Issues in Intercultural Life and Work (ICS403) 3

18 units

Interdisciplinary Specialization

This specialization consists of a mixture of classes from each specialization and requires departmental approval.

18 units

Pastoral Ministry Specialization

Effective Bible Teaching (CEDU372) 1
Strategic Communication (PMIN322) 3
Pastor as Leader (PMIN380) 3
Evangelism and Church Growth (PMIN410) 2
Preaching Practicum (PMIN422) 3
Pastoral Care and Counseling (PMIN423) 3
Church Administration (PMIN480) 3

18 units

Youth Ministry Specialization

Foundations of Youth Ministry (YMIN100) 3
Youth Ministry Skills (YMIN175) 3
Youth Culture, Trends, and Issues (YMIN283) 3
Teaching and Speaking to Youth (YMIN391) 3
Counseling Youth (YMIN426) 3
Pastoral Epistles (NT311) 3

18 units
  • Articulate core leadership principles for organizations consistent with biblical teaching.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in personal leadership skills.
  • Identify personal areas of spiritual, relational, and emotional growth in self-leadership.
  • Apply Christian leadership within a range of cultural contexts.
  • Frame Christian leadership within a Christian worldview and ethic.
  • Integrate their leadership studies into their chosen specialization.
  • Church ministry
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Pastor-Teacher
  • Parachurch Organizations
  • Missionary
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
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Bachelor of Arts

BA in Christian Leadership


Family and Children’s Ministry
Intercultural Studies
Pastoral Ministry
Youth Ministry


Christian Leadership Minor
Family and Children’s Ministry Minor
Intercultural Studies Minor
Pastoral Ministry Minor
Youth Ministry Minor
Pastoral Ministry Minor

Program Advisor

Daniel Gluck, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Christian Leadership | Associate Professor, Christian Leadership

Faculty & Staff

Daniel Gluck, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Christian Leadership | Associate Professor, Christian Leadership

David Timms, Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Theology | School of Christian Leadership Professor, New Testament

Derek Zahnd, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Christian Leadership

Fritz T. Moga, M.A.

Lead Faculty, Youth Ministry | Associate Professor, Youth Ministry

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